Beauty fan saves a fortune after discovering 40p hack which instantly gets rid of dark circles under your eyes

SOCIAL media has become a great place for beauty hacks lately, and many can even save you money and time. 

And one beauty fan has revealed a 40p hack and people are praising her for sharing it. 

The woman, who goes by the name of Adventureswithana88 on TikTok, uses a frozen cucumber instead of any other products. 

She claims it’s prevented the dark circles under her eyes, and given her visibly clearer skin. 

In the video, she demonstrates how to use the cucumber and says: “So every morning I have literally been doing this with a frozen cucumber and I’m telling you it’s a game changer. 

“Do not buy anything expensive, all you need to do is buy a cucumber and freeze it.”

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In another video she shares with her followers, the TikToker gives more information on her routine. 

She continues: “I don’t use a toner, this is the only thing I use. 

“I literally rinse my face in the morning and I apply my cucumber for about three minutes. 

“And I massage my face for about three minutes. 

“I leave the cucumber to sit on my face for 15 minutes, but if you forget to wash your face do not worry. 

“Literally it’s 95 per cent made out of water so it’s not going to harm your skin, so don’t be scared to not wash it off. You are totally fine. 

“I rinse it off after I am done, and apply my moisturiser and that’s pretty much it. “

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thanks with her. 

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One wrote: “I also see some good results. Thank you so much.” 

Someone else said: “Using this a week and my skin is absolutely amazing. Thank you for this amazing tip.”

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