Bad night’s sleep, stepping in dog poo and arguing with your boyfriend among top things to put Brits in a bad mood

A study of 2,000 adults has revealed the top 50 things guaranteed to turn your mood sour with getting ill, bad traffic and a grumpy partner also featuring.

Other things likely to contribute to crankiness are being late for an appointment, getting out of a warm bed on a cold day and backseat drivers.

It also emerged the average adult will spend an hour and 52 minutes a day in a bad mood, with just under half admitting they have days where they are in a bad mood from the minute they wake up to the minute they go to bed.

Researchers also found six in 10 Brits think they suffer from the ‘Winter Blues’ with more than half attributing their negative state of mind to a lack of sunlight.

However, two thirds of those polled agreed good weather really helps lift their mood, a quarter like bright lighting and a fifth feel happier when in colourful rooms.

A spokesman for Philips Hue smart lighting, which commissioned the research, said: "Winter can be a dreary and difficult time – the weather is often cold and wet, we have no money and everyone is generally in a grump.

“This means many more things than usual can put us into a bad mood, something that’s not helped by the dark mornings and evenings.

“Lighting not only effects visual conditions, it also influences our biological functions and emotions, while colour is thought to have a huge effect on our moods.”

Other bad mood triggers include getting a stain on a new top, someone saying something negative about your appearance and having a bad skin or hair day.

Burning the toast, the phone battery dying out and oversleeping also feature in the list – and football fans admit their day is ruined if their favourite team loses.

While the computer not working and seeing your bank account statement can really bring people down.

The time of the year can have an impact on how people are feeling though, as having to get up in the morning when it is still dark outside, an umbrella blowing inside out and having to de-ice car windows all bring people down.

These feelings can cause as many as four in 10 to have arguments with a partner, and a fifth will tell the children off for little things which wouldn’t usually bother them.

Work can also be affected – as 15 per cent of those polled by have been known to make mistakes when in a mood and 13 per cent have had disagreements with colleagues.

However, Brits believe their bad moods can be relieved by being exposed to blues and greens, as these are considered the most relaxing colours, while black and red are the least calming.

To demonstrate how light can help enhance mood, improve sleep, productivity and concentration, Philips Hue have worked with applied colour psychologist Karen Haller to produce a mood chart with ‘light recipe’ suggestions.

These include ‘balance’ to help adults recover from the stresses of everyday life, ‘uplift’ for positivity and ‘hangfree’ to cure a handover.

Karen Haller said: “Colour is not just a visual stimulus. Colour influences how we feel, think and behave.

“We respond to colour and the combination of colours in our environment throughout the day. We don’t even realise we are doing it.

“We are typically only 20 per cent conscious of the colour choices we make, from getting the colour of our morning cuppa just right to the colours we choose to wear, and which tube line to take.”


  1. A bad night's sleep
  2. Treading in dog mess
  3. Having an argument with your partner
  4. Getting ill
  5. Computer not working
  6. When your partner is in a bad mood and brings you down with them
  7. Traffic
  8. A bad day at work
  9. Losing your wallet
  10. The boiler breaking down
  11. Losing your keys
  12. Being late for an appointment
  13. Checking your bank account and seeing much less than you'd expected
  14. Having to get out of a warm bed on a cold day
  15. Winter in general
  16. When your public transport doesn't arrive
  17. When someone is late to meet you
  18. Waking up in the morning and it still being dark outside
  19. Not seeing the sun all day during winter
  20. Getting a stain on a new top
  21. Someone saying something negative about your appearance
  22. People talking about Brexit
  23. Getting lost
  24. Forgetting to set your alarm and oversleeping
  25. Getting rained on while walking to work
  26. A bad haircut
  27. Phone battery running low
  28. A bad hair day
  29. A bad skin day
  30. Having no phone signal
  31. Your phone battery dying when you're out
  32. Getting to the car and realising you have to de-ice the windows
  33. Icy roads
  34. When it's only just been payday but you're already low on cash
  35. When you order clothes online and they don't fit
  36. Having to stay late at work
  37. Your umbrella blowing inside out
  38. People spoiling a TV show you haven't seen yet
  39. Realising your holiday is still months away
  40. Back seat drivers
  41. Getting toothpaste on your top as you're about to leave the house
  42. Your football team losing
  43. Making a cup of tea and realising you've got no milk
  44. Losing a glove
  45. Going on Facebook and realising how pointless it is
  46. Burning your toast
  47. Losing the TV remote
  48. Not being able to find your glasses
  49. Being on a diet / health kick
  50. Feeling pale during winter

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