ASDA reduces £25 12-piece unicorn plate set to just £1.80 – and shoppers are going wild

IF it were up to us, our entire home would have a unicorn theme – from our cutlery right through to our bedding.

That said, we've always had to exert an element of self-control so that our partners don't find themselves living in a fake magical palace of our creation – but that all might be about to change thanks to ASDA's latest bargain.

That's right, the unicorn-themed 12 piece dinner set we've been eyeing up FOREVER has finally gone into the sale.

Originally, the pastel coloured set – consisting of dinner plates, side plates and bowls – would have cost you £25.

Amazingly, it's now only £1.80 in the reduce to clear section – but you'd better be quick if you want to bag this bargain.

Posting on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, one shopper posted a photo of her shopping basket and a self-scanner.

Alerting the group's 1.2m members of the mega saving, she wrote: "£1.80 for these in ASDA – marked on the shelf as £25."

Note to self: NEVER shop without a self-scanner again.

The mum's post has since racked up over 1,400 comments from users who will no doubt be racing down to their nearest ASDA.

One replied: "I love them new machines. I found loads of little reductions not shown on the shelf last week."

  • Unicorn 12-piece plate set, £25 from ASDA – see here

Another raved: "I have these, they're lushhhhh!!"

"I wanted that dinner set for ages," a third pined.

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