Aries Metal Horse: What does the Chinese and Western Zodiac Sign mean?

CHINESE astrology and Western astrology have their own types of zodiac signs to determine personality types and characteristics.

The Aries Metal Horse is a fusion of both zodiacs and applies to those born in 1990. They are said to be honest and very straightforward with their words and actions. 

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Characteristics of the Male Aries Metal Horse

Now here's a level of resilience you won't encounter very often. 

He's strong, powerful, intimidating, self-assured and phenomenally determined. 

He'd make a brilliant sportsman, an absolute natural – the next Olympics will be awash with these characters. 

Like most Aries he's ridiculously competitive – but the Metal Horse simply adds an extra level of steely determination to the whole affair. 

He's not the warmest character on the planet – but not because he's a cold-hearted assassin. He's just very, very focused on his goals. 

He will have known what he wanted to do with his life at about the age of three. He's just impressive on so many levels – he's together, grounded, energetic and positive. 

It seems odd that we haven't mentioned the word "tenacious" thus far because, in a way, that sums him up. 

He just wants to get up each and every day and take on the universe in every single sphere. 

Although there is a sense of fun inherent in this character, it's often concealed beneath a drive, an ambition to succeed at all costs. 

He just wants to be brilliant – at everything – and what is really quite annoying for us talentless minions is the fact that he is. 

He could do with just lightening up a little, learn to just chill out every now and then, and not feel that every request, every challenge, needs to be met head on, Aries Metal Horse style. 

Seriously talented.

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Characteristics of the Female Aries Metal Horse

Natural athletes. They have the stamina, they have the belief and they have the focus – it's a winning combination. 

"Focus" is the keyword here, they're so single-minded in their pursuance of their goals they can become quite blinkered and distant. It's just their way. 

They are actually quite compassionate people – you just wouldn't know it. 

They're hard – real tough cookies. 

They go about life in a very efficient – machine-like even – fashion. It's all about discipline and focus and goals. 

They sound boring – they're not. They just know what they want from the moment they take their first yawn in the cradle. 

Aries Metal Horse’s potential for brilliance is there from the get-go – it's theirs to lose but it's never lost really. 

But listen here, Aries Metal Horse girls – you do need to lighten up just a tad. 

Yes, life is a serious affair, and yes, you're brilliant at being serious and sensible, but the Horse side does understand how to indulge itself on occasion, and these girls should definitely allow themselves an occasional bout of decadence. 

It won't be reckless decadence – far too ill-disciplined – but an occasional blow out would not go amiss. 

It has to be reiterated that the potential here for theatrical prowess is immense and really shouldn't be underestimated. 


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