Aries horoscope: What your star sign has in store for July 31 to August 6 | The Sun

MAR 21 – APR 20

You are the star of your own love story as Venus inspires security through your chart. 

And a time of wondering if feelings are real, can end. If you’re single,
there’s something about a strong, silent Capricorn…

As manager Mercury oversees your career zone, your next work step is already shaping up. 

Yes, it can link to an “A” country. Lucky letters reverse your

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DESTINY DAYS Monday to Wednesday, your ability to grow and learn is unique. Do push yourself! Timetable some extra weekend passion time.

LUCKY LINKS  Clothes in shades of blue. A woman with the same birth
month as you. Three odd numbers followed by three even.

ARIES MERCURY MINDSET Focus on work, or the search for a new career – as Mercury sharpens your instincts. Health willpower is on the up, and you can talk to yourself in a calm, supportive way.

RUNE REVELATIONS The sun rune, SIEGEL, shines a light of warm
positivity through your life, and helps you achieve the distance you
need to judge relationships as they are, not how you wish they could be.

If you need to keep your nerve, or boost your confidence – you can. 

True equality isn’t a dream, now you can make it your everyday reality.

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