Aldi fans are racing to pick up their new Bobbi Brown Primer dupe £40 cheaper than the original | The Sun

ALDI is well known for its high-end make-up and skincare dupes.

And now the store has released a dupe of the cult favourite Bobbi Brown primer for £40 less than the original.

Georgia Baigrie, from the UK, shared a TikTok video showing off the new product which will be available online until the 26th of June when it will then hit the stores.

The Vitabase Moisturising Primer from Aldi retails at £5.99 whereas the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base will set you back £46.50.

The two products' packaging looks identical says Georgia, and they both claim to have the same ingredients including Vitamin C, Vitamin B and shea butter.

She said: "The real test is does it have the same lovely smell the Bobbi Brown Face Base does."


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Georgia opens the pot to take a sniff and is visibly shocked by how good the product smells, which has a fresh lemon scent.

She claimed the product felt expensive and was amazed at how flawless her makeup looked after using the affordable dupe.

She also pointed out another Aldi dupe coming out of the Charlotte Tilbury's CharlotteGenius Magic Powder which retails for £33.

Aldi's version is a fraction of the price at £4.99 called the Lacura Flawless Veil Translucent Powder.

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Georgia was so impressed she vowed to go to Aldi when they had the products in stores and stock up on the new primer.

And many people in the comment section of the video want to do the same.

As we know, when an Aldi product goes viral online it's hard to find it in stores and it often won't come back around again for a while.

One wrote: "Omg this is amazing I've been wanting to try Bobbi Brown's face base but don’t want to pay the price!."

"I’m definitely trying this," another exclaimed.

A third penned: "Can’t wait to try!"

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