adidas Will Drop a Nine-Sneaker Tribute to ‘The Mandalorian’

Ahead of the second season’s release on October 30, adidas has announced a collection of nine sneakers inspired by the characters and mythology of The Mandalorian. The selection includes riffs on the adidas Boost, Superstar, Gazelle and Top Ten Hi.

As well as tribute shoes to Mando and The Child, a.k.a. Baby Yoda, there are several call-outs to memorable moments from the show’s first season. The ZX 2K Boost Mudhorn Shoe pays homage to the iconic showdown between Mando and the Mudhorn creature when The Child harnesses The Force for the first time. The scene is pictured on the sockliner, and intermingling shades of brown and mint green detailing symbolize the unlikely kinship which forms between the show’s main stars.

The Gazelle Darksaber Shoes recall the season’s final scene, which reveals Moff Gideon as the holder of the Darksaber: a legendary relic of ancient Mandalore wielded by the first Mandalorian Jedi. The Gazelle — a legend in its own right — was deliberately chosen as the tribute model for the Darksaber scene, and the 3-Stripes glow like the lightsaber itself.

The collection will release on November 4 exclusively via the adidas web store and outposts. Sneakers are priced between $70 and $150 USD.

And meanwhile, as excitement builds for this upcoming season, The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal and producer Jon Favreau have both stated that they’d be open to participating in a feature film based on the series.
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