Acne sufferer who battled chronic spots for two years reveals incredible skin transformation after changing her diet – The Sun

A MODEL who battled chronic acne for two years has revealed her  incredible skin transformation after changing her  diet.

Georgia Gibbs, who comes from Perth in Western Australia, suffered from outbreaks of spots on her forehead, cheeks and chin.

The Sports Illustrated model shared shocking before and after photos of how her skin has changed in the last two years.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Georgia explained her battle with acne, rosacea and inflammation hasn't always been easy.

She said: "My skin is FINALLY in a really happy place, my acne finally cleared and then my Rosacea went CRAZY, I lost it 'why is it always one thing after another?'

"When the body is truly healing, it’ll heal something that will clear out ready for the next thing until the root of the problem is addressed."

Georgia's long journey to flawless skin involved a multi-pronged action plan including nutrition, herbal medicine, supplementation, meditation, trauma healing and kinesiology.

She shared an inspirational message to other women who have struggled with skin issues.

"For the girls struggling with their skin, chronic illness, auto immune disorders, extreme stress, hormonal problems, this post is for you, to tell you healing is not linear, healing is complex.

"Skin can definitely:
– get worse before it gets better
– improve then get worse repeatedly until it settles
– change with medication, herbs, stress levels, detox’s, if you’re clearing out your body remember there will be an affect on your skin, your skin is a detox organ."

In a YouTube video, Georgia said she managed her rosacea by watching her diet because whenever she has a flare up, she is able to pinpoint something she ate as the casue.

She found out her trigger came from gut bacteria, so she now doesn't eat any food with small intestine bacterial growth (SIBO).

In a YouTube video, Georgia explains she now eats a low FODMAP diet, which advises cutting out a huge various foods including garlic, onions, most dairy and certain fruits and vegetables.

The NHS Healthpath website explains there is a huge list of foods people ona low FODMAP diet can eat, including unprocessed fish and meat, gluten-free foods eggs, and certain cheeses.

Stress is also a big trigger so she says meditation has been a huge aid in her life.

Writing on Instagram, Georgia said: "My skin went from the second post to the third post in a year, using natural remedies & working on my mental health.

"Then from post 3 to the last post that’s all in the last year… CLEAR, break out, different kind of break out, swollen eyelids, (swollen belly I’ll include in other posts), the worst Rosacea I’ve ever had.

" And then today, happy & healthy because I finally got to the root of the problem so just know I’m here for all of you. "

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