7 Fashion Experts Share Their Predictions for the Top Fashion Trends of 2022

Whether by way of magic, research, or just sheer intuition, fashion experts have mastered the art of trend forecasting. Even at the height of a global pandemic, when we essentially ignored half of what was hanging in our closets, stylists speculated that things like elevated loungewear and sensible staples would dominate 2021 — and they weren't wrong. Now, with a new year on the horizon, and a world working towards a sense of normalcy (especially in terms of fashion), stylists have begun prophesizing the top trends of 2022. Needless to say, we're all ears.   

To find out which pieces in our wardrobes today will feel most relevant in the months to come, we reached out to celebrity stylists and brand founders for their insider intel. Ahead, you'll find that their visions of what we'll all be wearing in 2022 consist of some of the same types of clothing items that made us feel comfortable and comforted over the last two years but styled in a way that feels fresh. Read on for expert tips on how to embrace it all. 

Tiffany Briseno

Has Worked With: Shawn Mendes, Kane Brown, Richard Ellis, Jack Dylan Grazer

Follow Her: @tiffbrisenostylist

Her Forecast For 2022 Fashion Trends: Rhinestone headpieces

"We are starting to see this trend hit the red carpets this fall, but I see this being a look that will stay with us right until 'hot girl summer' returns next year. I'm a huge fan of thinking outside of the box with fabric or embellishments — I call this the 'the Cleopatra tiara.' You can use this trend more subtly with one or two strands in the hair, or complete coverage. Keep in mind that a great look is always about balance, and if you are trying this trend, the rhinestones will serve as your statement piece so build the rest of the look around that. Perhaps more of a casual streetwear approach to neutralize the bling up top."

Micaela Erlanger

Has Worked With: Meryl Streep, Lupita Nyong'o, Common, Sigourney Weaver, Lucy Hale, and Shailene Woodley

Follow Her: @micaela

Her Forecast For 2022 Fashion Trends: Bodysuits

"Bodysuits are having a major moment right now and are a perfect base layer to dress up or down while still staying comfy. For something a little more elevated, pair a bodysuit (like this one from Bandier x New Balance) with a classic trench and lug sole Chelsea boot, or a platform loafer like Koio's Bari — perfect for dinner or drinks with friends."

Jennifer Bandier

Her Job: Founder & Chief Brand Officer of Bandier

Follow Her: Jennifer Bandier on LinkedIn

Her Forecast For 2022 Fashion Trends: Tennis-inspired clothing and a spotlight on sneakers

"It seems like everyone I know picked up tennis in the past year if they weren't playing already. Look for a lot more tennis-inspired fashion on and off the court: cropped and oversized polos, sweaters haphazardly tied around your shoulders, pleated skirts. A modern take on country club style. Brands like Danzy, who we carry at Bandier, continue to push those limits with embroidered crests and logos. You'll see more from All Access, too."

"This past year has been all about comfort, and the range of sneaker styles is more relevant than ever. There are high-tech, fluorescent ones (Nike, Hoka), classics (Sambas, AF1s, New Balance), and more fashion-forward sneakers from Axel Arigato. We've all pretty much embraced a Dad sneaker at this point, and that's not changing, but I think how we wear them — whether it's truly for a workout or paired with cut-offs or a silk slip dress — is what will continue to keep them fresh."

Jamie Frankel

Has Worked With: Christie Brinkley, Ebonee Davis Adrien Brody, Nina Agdal, Karolina Kurkova

Follow Her: @jamiefrankel

Her Forecast For 2022 Fashion Trends: All things monochromatic

"I think jumpsuits and monochromatic dressing will be a big part of 2022. As we ease back in, I think people want to feel put together with minimal effort. We have enough to think about these days!"

Peter Sumeracruz

His Job: Stylist at OAK + FORT

Has Worked With: Aliza Vellani, Emilija Baranac, Kurt Yaeger

Follow Him: @p_sumeracruz

His Forecast For 2022 Fashion Trends: Bold colors and textures

"We are excited to see the infusion of more vibrant color, print, and texture next year — staying true to our minimal and timeless roots while exploring expressive pieces. We are forward-looking through a positive lens in everything as the world continues to evolve towards a post-pandemic state of being."

Maggie Winter

Her Job: CEO + Co-Founder of AYR

Follow Her: Maggie Winter on LinkedIn

Her Forecast For 2022 Fashion Trends: Seasonless wardrobes

"Our team has really been feeling a major closet cleanout — sort of a wardrobe reset. There's stuff that doesn't make sense anymore, and we find ourselves wanting to start fresh. We want less stuff, and we want to invest in pieces that make us feel good. We're donating the clothes in our closet that feel too specific, too fussy, too extra, and we're doing the same with our own line. If you never reach for it in the morning, if it's gathering dust on the hanger, it's probably ok to set it free. Invest in The Best version of each item — a perfect oversized button-down in crisp poplin or broken-in Oxford, a perfect trouser, a perfect silk layering top."

Mickey Freeman

Has Worked With: Keke Palmer, Lil Mama, Peyton List, Dylan Sprouse, B2K

Follow Him: @mickeyboooom

His Forecast For 2022 Fashion Trends: Genderless wardrobes and nostalgic prints

"We will see Androgynous fashion trends in 2022, specifically women wearing men's suits and men wearing kilts/pleated skirts. Women can achieve this look with a white shirt and boots. Think Marlene Dietrich. I believe what is considered masculine and feminine in terms of fashion will continue to evolve, continuously merging and accommodating however a person chooses to express themselves at that moment."

"Cartoons and comics will be so trendy in 2022. Think Moschino by Jeremy Scott. People are eager to embrace the fun times again. There's nothing like the nostalgia of childhood, cartoons, crayons, and comics. This is a trend that works for some, but can overpower depending on the occasion. Oversized hair bows will also make a huge comeback."

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