50 Cute Pieces For Valentine's Day Under $50

Gap Funnel-Neck Print T-Shirt

Since we’re all out and about less than usual, sometimes we miss the holiday indicators, like when the candy aisle at the pharmacy changes to pinks and reds around mid-January. Valentine’s Day will be here before we realize it, and because it was technically the last festive time for a lot of us — Valentine’s Day parties, intimate dinners at wait-listed restaurants — we might be a little nostalgic for the holiday. Like our recent holidays, it might have a different style this year, but you can still have a little fun by gifting yourself something to wear on Valentine’s Day. Good news: Gap has some great options. Whether it’s subtle, like red heart socks, or very “of the moment,” like pink tie-dye loungewear, Gap has you covered with low price points.

Whether you’re having a Valentine’s Day solo filled with self-love, a “galentine’s day” with your besties in your pod, or you just want to brighten up the work-from-home meetings with festive attire, Gap has you covered, so you can have a little fun without breaking the bank. We’ve rounded up great deals under $50 — and you can enter the code ADDIT at checkout for an extra 10 percent off! Order now so they’ll arrive in plenty of time for Feb. 14!

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