Zendaya Says She’s “Never Cooking Again” After an Incident Left Her With Stitches

Though Zendaya is legit perfect in my eyes, even she occasionally falls victim to a mishap. This time, the actor and singer suffered a bloody accident in the kitchen that required her to get stitches—and she just so happened to take her 148 million Instagram followers along for the ride.

“See now…this is why I don’t cook,” she captioned the first picture she shared of the incident. In the image, you can see her finger wrapped up in a blood-stained bandage and a plaster. Are you also getting woozy, or is that just me?

Anyway, Zendaya then updated fans just an hour later and revealed that her finger actually had to be stitched by medical professionals, which, okay, if your yearly bloodwork is also one of your biggest stressors in life, you’d get how much my heart hurts for her.

“Baby’s first stitches lol back to never cooking again ❤️,” she wrote alongside the final pic and tagged her assistant Darnell Appling.

As everything was happening, fans quickly took to Twitter to comment on the fact that the actor’s boyfriend, Tom Holland, once revealed to Heart, “Every time [Zendaya] cooks, [she] comes millimeters from not chopping her fingers off, [but] her hand off.” Idk about you, but I personally would have loved to see what their texts were like yesterday as everything was happening—though I doubt Tom pulled an “I told you so” until after the coast was clear LOL.

Tom Holland: “Zendaya every time she cooks comes millimeters of not chopping her fingers off, her hand off.”

Zendaya: pic.twitter.com/R7l3NjOcgH

Elsewhere in the Twitterverse, people pointed out that this isn’t the first time Zendaya has bounced back from an emergency sitch, noting that she also had a v unfortunate incident the night before the 2017 Met Gala after having an allergic reaction.

never forget that zendaya was at the ER hours before the 2017 Met Gala and then showed up like THIS and even had Rihanna in love that she posted her on her instagram. Iconic. pic.twitter.com/766lGNW9rH

However!!! The Spider-Man: No Way Home actor has had her fair share of good news, since earlier in the week she picked up three (!) Emmy noms. Plus she just earned the distinction of making Emmys history as the youngest producing nominee and as the youngest two-time lead acting nominee of all time, according to Variety. After hearing the news, Zendaya took to Instagram and shared the sweetest message:


A post shared by Zendaya (@zendaya)

Honestly, even I’d trade in a few stitches for that truly incredible achievement. ❤️

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