Why Princess Catherine's Upcoming Christmas Event Will 'Enrage' Prince Harry & Meghan Markle!

Princess Catherine is preparing to host her annual Christmas event — and this year’s theme is bound to ruffle some feathers! Honestly, that’s nothing new for this clan, though!

On Friday, the Princess of Wales will be filming her third “Together at Christmas” carol service at Westminster Abbey, which will air on ITV on Christmas Eve. It’s set to star famous celebs like Adam Lambert, Jacob Collier, and James Bay, and will serve as an opportunity to thank those in Britain for all they’ve done for their communities. Thus, many good samaritans will be in the audience. Of course, Prince William will also be there and is expected to speak. While King Charles III and Queen Camilla showed up last year, it’s unlikely they’ll be present this time due to scheduling conflicts. But the guest list is really the least of concerns heading into this festive gathering.

Each show has a new focus, and this year’s theme is all about Kate Middleton‘s work in early years and childhood development. A press release from the Royal Foundation revealed the service will “showcase the hope of new life and why it is so important to build supportive, nurturing worlds around children and the adults in their lives.” Kinda ironic when you consider some of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s biggest issues with the royal family!

Chief royal correspondent Jack Royston told Newsweek‘s The Royal Report podcast on Wednesday:

“That is exactly the kind of statement that is guaranteed to enrage Harry and Meghan because their whole case is that Meghan was not supported by the royals during the months when she was pregnant.”

Providing the receipts, he went on:

“Her lawyers actually said in a court filing that she was left unprotected while pregnant, and Harry and Meghan say she was one of the most trolled people in the world in 2019, which is the year Archie was born.”

Jack continued:

“She also told Oprah  in March 2021 that she experienced suicidal thoughts in January 2019 while she was pregnant with Archie and that was when they were kind of asking the palace and asking family members to do more to support her.”

Oof. We see his point. If only Kate had been more passionate about supporting young families when Meg was preggers, maybe she wouldn’t have had such a hard time!

As the couple opened up about in their Netflix docuseries last year, their relatives were anything but helpful as the Suits alum was dealing with a barrage of negative (and often racist) press that led to depression before they left The Firm, the Duke of Sussex recalled:

“As far as a lot of the family were concerned everything she was being put through, they had been put through as well, so it was almost like a rite of passage. … Some of the members of the family were like: ‘My wife had to go through that so why should your girlfriend be treated any differently.’”

Yeah, so, the Princess’ sudden interest in early childhood and supporting families has to sting! But, on the flip side, we doubt Kate cares about possibly hurting her estranged relatives’ feelings right now — not while she’s dealing with a crisis of her own that the royals reportedly blame the Duchess of Sussex for! Guess this is just payback.

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