Why Does BLACKPINK's Lisa Always Have Bangs?

BLACKPINK has caught the attention of K-pop fans everywhere since their debut in 2016. In recent years, the group has also begun making their mark on their American music industry.

BLACKPINK has only four members, and they are all individually distinctive. One member in particular, Lisa, is known for her eye-catching hairstyles. In fact, she is easily identified as the BLACKPINK member who always seems to have bangs. But is there a reason for this?

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is very committed to her bangs

It’s no secret that K-pop idols change their hairstyles often, sporting new colors and cuts here and there. However, while Lisa has changed up her hair a lot, one thing that has stayed consistent is her bangs. Hardly any idols have been as committed to their bangs as Lisa.

In fact, while appearing on Korean show Knowing Bros, Lisa shared that, if a company wanted her to get rid of her bangs for a commercial, they would have to pay her around $9 million. However, she could consider parting her bangs in the middle for $4.5 million.

Has Lisa ever been seen without bangs?

Fans don’t actually have to wait for a company to pay millions of dollars to see Lisa without bangs. She has been seen without bangs before.

In 2018, Lisa appeared on the Korean reality show Real Man 300 in which she and other celebrities experienced military life. Lisa sported a minimalist look that also included brushing her bangs out of her face.

Most notably, when Lisa was at the airport to fly to China in January 2020, she parted her bangs in the middle and caused a frenzy on the internet.

Recently, Lisa also uploaded a video of herself cheering on Thai entertainer James Rusameekae Fagerlund in his celebrity boxing match, and the BLACKPINK rapper showed off her forehead without bangs.

Why does Lisa always have hairstyles with bangs?

While it’s clear Lisa looks great with and without bangs, many fans have wondered why she does not opt for a style that shows her forehead more often.

According to Korean style consultant RareLee, who posted a video about this subject, Lisa might be going for a certain look. First off, RareLee pointed out that many people can choose to have bangs if they have insecurities about their forehead, though she does not believe this reasoning applies to Lisa.

Rather, RareLee thinks Lisa likes to sport bangs because it obscures the distance between her eyes and her eyebrows. Compared to the other BLACKPINK members, Lisa’s eyes and eyebrows are not very far apart. This usually gives the illusion of a “boyish,” charismatic look. However, when Lisa has bangs, they not only hide this illusion but also accentuate her eyes, making them more doll-like.

For fans who would like to see more of Lisa’s no-bang look, she shared in a 2019 live stream that she might get rid of her bangs in the future, though she did not specify when.

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