What?! Julia Fox Says She Never Had Sex With Kanye West!

All work, no play?

Julia Fox just revealed the amount of sex she had with Kanye West in their short-lived relationship — “there, like, wasn’t any”!!

Wait, seriously?!

The surprising revelation came during an interview with The New York Times out on Monday, in which she promoted her upcoming memoir, Down the Drain. On her whirlwind, month-long romance with the rapper last year, she added:

“It wasn’t really about that.”

Then what was it about? Solely fame?? The way she’s talked about the fling in the past it certainly sounded like a business-like transaction — or perhaps an artistic collaboration? One that didn’t really work for her in the end.

While she’s prepared to tell the “truth” about her sex life in the new book, don’t expect to hear much about the Yeezy designer! She added:

“I have this thing where, in my personal writing, I don’t go into as much detail as I could. I’m like: ‘This crazy thing happened. OK, moving on.’ So I made it a point to put the reader in the room. I didn’t want to skip over things. So maybe some things are too detailed.”

But as for her romp with “the artist,” as he is referred to in the book, according to the outlet, only takes up “like six pages.” She previously told E! News:

“I feel like I went very lightly on it. I’m not trying to have bad blood or anything, it’s all in the past.”

And since they weren’t having sex, the NYT said she spent most of the time discussing how “their brief relationship was seemingly being directed by ‘the artist’ for the public eye.” That’s definitely been a pattern of the Heartless star’s romances — even to this day with Bianca Censori! Friends of his new “wife” have voiced concern he’s totally controlling her, and this whole thing is all a weird public show. But it seems he’s changed his mind about the no-sex thing since he and his new wife have been causing a stir after their very public NSFW outing in Italy late last month!

The model didn’t reveal any more scoop about Kim Kardashian‘s ex in the interview, except to confirm she still has the Hermès Birkin bag he gifted her and her friends. We’ll have to wait for the book’s release next month to hear more! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below)!

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