Wait, Did You See This Video of Jaclyn Hill Finding Particles on Her Lipstick During a Tutorial?!

By now you’ve probably heard that popular beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill released a line of lipsticks and it did not! go! well! The good news: Jaclyn Cosmetics launched with 20 shades of nude lipsticks, which all sold out almost immediately. The bad news: Literally everything that happened after. Customers found bumps, hair, and random weird balls in Jaclyn’s product, and she ended up having to issue a total recall and post several apology videos.

To make matters even more awkward, an old clip of Jaclyn swatching “As If” (one of her nude colors) re-surfaced on Twitter, and in it, she clearly sees something on her product. Direct quote: “Do ‘As If’ because this is equally as nude, but it is a—oh my gosh, what is on there? Sorry, this is my personal collection I’m using right now.”

so even here on her personal lipsticks during the swatching even she had fuzzies on As If. at that point it would have been smart to check the lab for any problems #jaclynhill pic.twitter.com/3FhPvOuXPy

Truly, 😬 😬 😬 😬.

And obviously people dragged her all up and down Twitter:

The internet remains undefeated, I love it pic.twitter.com/M17MCf7jWl


To be fair on poor Jaclyn, it seems obvious that this video was taken before she had *any* idea that her products were having an issue. And if you’re wondering what exactly caused her lipsticks to do…well, this:

All I can say is WTF pic.twitter.com/qZFGPYlOWc

She has an explanation: “My lab used white cotton gloves…they were cleaning vats with a towel. Those two things combined with the white fuzzies coming off of their gloves—it is so unacceptable.”

In conclusion, yikes.

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