WAGS: Chantelle Heskey, Danielle Lloyd and Lizzie Cundy support Rooney

WAG war two! Footballers’ wives line up to blast Rebekah Vardy and back Coleen Rooney… as Danielle Lloyd describes her ‘run ins’, Chantelle Heskey says ‘enough is enough’ and Lizzie Cundy wades in too

  • Heavily pregnant Rebekah, 37, has denied leaking stories about her friend 
  • Coleen, 33, had written: ‘This has been a burden in my life for a few years now and finally I have got to the bottom of it……’ 
  • She wrote that she has been planting fake stories about her basement flooding, returning to TV and wanting to try gender selection on her private Instagram 
  • Coleen admitted she blocked all of her other friends from viewing the posts in order to conclusively prove Rebekah was the guilty party and has screenshotted proof that only Vardy’s account had viewed them 
  • Media outlets, including MailOnline, subsequently published the stories after they were fed to The Sun  
  • Rebekah also said that lots of other people have access to her account and she was upset at Coleen for going public 
  • Vardy’s rep told MailOnline: ‘It isn’t true, she is now very upset and stressed so has passed it to her legal team to deal with’  
  • Rebekah previously sold a story about her one-night stand with Peter Andre to the News Of The World in 2001 in which she had called him the ‘worst lover she had’ and said he had a ‘chipolata penis’ 
  • Rebekah is the queen of self-promotion, sold the rights to her wedding to Hello!, appeared on I’m A Celebrity and is a regular on Loose Women, GMB and This Morning

WAGS Chantelle Heskey, Danielle Lloyd and Lizzie Cundy have all thrown their support behind Coleen Rooney, after she accused Rebekah Vardy of leaking stories about her.

Coleen, 33, took to social media on Wednesday to accuse Vardy of leaking fake stories about her to The Sun, a claim she denies – but her friends have said she wouldn’t have made the claims without concrete evidence. 

Chantelle, 34, who married footballer Emile Heskey in 2014, became the latest WAG to weigh in on the drama when she appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire show on Thursday to side with Coleen. 

She said that she too has fallen victim to someone close to her leaking stories, from when she and Emile first started dating around 2002, claiming: ‘Yeah, it did happen, from my close knit circle of family and friends.’  

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WAGS at WAR! Chantelle Heskey, (pictured), Danielle Lloyd and Lizzie Cundy have all thrown their support behind Coleen Rooney amid her feud with Rebekah Vardy, in which she accused her of leaking stories about her 

Hand-WAGS at dawn: Chantelle’s appearance came as Danielle Lloyd (right) claimed on This Morning that she had ‘similar run-ins’ with Rebekah and Lizzie said Coleen wouldn’t have made the statement about Vardy without proof

Ouch! Rebekah (left) lashed out at Danielle moments after she slated her on This Morning saying that she is holding a grudge because she didn’t help her to find a man after she split from ex-husband Jamie O’Hara 

She said: ‘Things that he’d bought me, places we’d been, things I was wearing were popping up in the newspapers. It is heartbreaking to think that someone so close to you would sell stories and leak things like that so I totally get where [Coleen’s] coming from.’

Victoria asked Chantelle if she ever discovered who had betrayed her. 

She said: ‘I’ve got a good idea but if I had the proof and hard evidence like Coleen has, where its come from, hard evidence, then I’d probably out them as well.’

‘There’s only so much you can take and and Coleen’s a very private person. Why not go public it might bring whoever it was out of the woodwork sooner.’

Her interview comes a day after Coleen released a social media statement to claim that since January she has been planting fake stories on her Instagram stories and only letting Rebekah’s account view them. 

She said the stories then appeared in The Sun and she has screen-shotted the times only Rebekah has viewed her account as evidence.  

The full statement: Coleen made these shock claims on Instagram after discovering she had been betrayed by someone close to her and she concluded that it was Rebekah Vardy’s account

‘I don’t need the money’: Rebekah denied all accusations against her minutes after the post and said she had nothing to gain and had no financial motivation – she also slammed her for going public when she is heavily pregnant 

However, Rebekah, who is pregnant and currently on holiday in Dubai with her husband Jamie Vardy, has said she intends to clear her name. 

Earlier, Vardy, 37, took to Twitter to lash out at fellow former WAG Danielle Lloyd just moments after she slated her in a This Morning interview on Thursday.

Danielle, 35, had said she ‘wasn’t shocked’ by Coleen Rooney’s claims that Rebekah, 37, had been leaking stories on her to The Sun and claimed to have had ‘similar run-ins’ with the WAG before. 

But fuming Rebekah, who is heavily pregnant and on holiday with her footballer husband Jamie, 32, in Dubai, immediately disputed this on Twitter.  

She wrote: ‘Danielle Lloyd making false claims on @thismorning that we have had ‘similar run-ins’ is utter b****cks. 

‘She is just fuming that I ‘didn’t get Jamie recruiting’ for her like she asked me to…’

Becky seems to be implying that Danielle is holding a grudge against her, after Jamie (Vardy) failed to find her a man after Danielle split from ex-husband, fellow footballer, Jamie O’Hara. 

Danielle and O’Hara were married from 2012 – 2014 and have three sons together. 

Hitting back: Rebekah implied that Danielle was holding a grudge for other reasons with her cryptic post – suggesting that it was because she failed to set her up with a man a while back

Her response: Danielle quickly hit back at Rebekah’s words as the WAG war rumbled on 

Opinionated: Danielle seemed pretty sure of her opinion that Vardy is in the wrong and said ‘she probably thought she wouldn’t get caught’

Both sides: However, Lizzie Cundy (left), played devil’s advocate and said there is a chance that Rebekah is innocent. She said: ‘It doesn’t mean you’re guilty, just because you’re friends with journos’

On her side: Chantelle (far right) said she would have taken Coleen Rooney’s name and shame approach if she’d had the same ‘hard evidence’ as Coleen

She is now happily married to electrician Michael O’Neill and they have a son called Ronnie, 23 months.

Becky then tweeted: ‘On a more serious note I’ve been inundated with messages from everyone but I’m not saying anything more until we’ve finished looking into this situation properly.’  

Danielle shot back: ‘@RebekahVardy Do you mean like how the sun recruited you Luv! #secretwag.’

Taking her side: Danielle has been good friends with Coleen for some time 

Taking sides: The day before, Danielle clearly made her feelings known when she started replying to Coleen’s post with RAT emojis about Becky

Not having it: Danielle also defended herself against a follower who said she should leave Rebekah alone because she is pregnant 

‘We are all entitled to our opinions and we all know it came from your account attacking me won’t take that away another low blow by you #notagirlsgirl.’ [sic].  

The words came moments after Danielle joined fellow former WAG Lizzie Cundy on This Morning to discuss the war between Coleen and Becky. 

Danielle believes Rebekah IS guilty of leaking stories about Coleen, (a claim she denies), and said she has had similar issues with her before.  

More to come: Rebekah (pictured with husband Jamie) appears to be fuming about Danielle’s words on TV and is keen to clear her name

Fellow WAGs: Danielle and Jamie O’Hara (left) were married from 2012 – 2014 and have three sons together and Lizzie was previously married to Jason Cundy (right) 

Partners:  Emile and Chantelle have been married since 2014 but are believed to have started dating since around 2002 (pictured in 2016)

Coleen released a statement on Wednesday, accusing Rebekah of leaking fake stories about her to The Sun and Danielle posting some rat emojis in the comments as she threw her support behind Wayne’s wife. 

She had shared them on her private Instagram, but blocked all her friends from viewing them except Rebekah, in order to get conclusive proof of a betrayal.

Danielle said: ‘I think Becky did it as she thought she probably wouldn’t get caught.’

Lizzie was previously married to footballer Jason Cundy and Danielle was married to O’Hara.

Lizzie, 50, who also follows Coleen’s private Instagram account said she had noticed Coleen had ‘gone quiet’ as she had blocked all her friends from viewing her stories… except Becky. 

Bold: Coleen released a statement on Wednesday revealing she had been posting fake stories on her Instagram which she believes were leaked by Rebekah

Not true: Rebekah, who has been friends with Coleen for years (pictured in 2016) has denied all allegations and said she is ‘disgusted’ to be dealing with this while heavily pregnant 

She said: ‘I thought she had gone quiet. We’ve all got busy lives, but who knew she was being Columbo. I was so shocked. 

‘When I saw the post, I couldn’t believe it. Why would she do it? To get brownie points with journalists?’

But Danielle said the revelation didn’t surprise her as she made her own feelings on Becky quite clear. 

Finding out the truth: Hosts Holly WIlloughby and Phillip Schofield listened in to Lizzie and Danielle’s debate 

Diplomatic: Lizzie said that people should not assume that Vardy is guilty

She said: ‘I wasn’t shocked. I’ve had run-ins with Rebekah over similar things.’

After the show, Danielle also responded to a viewer who wrote that Danielle and Coleen shouldn’t have waded in while Rebekah is heavily pregnant. 

Danielle hit back with: ‘She is big enough and ok enough to pipe up to me though while pregnant.’ 

Meanwhile, diplomatic Lizzie defended Coleen’s decision to publicly ‘out’ Becky and said: ‘She’s had two years of these stories disturbing her own family. She’s had to get to the bottom of it.’   

Danielle said: ‘She must have been sitting there not knowing who to trust, it’s not a nice situation to be in at all.’

However, Lizzie played devil’s advocate and said there is a chance that Rebekah is innocent.  

‘They’ve got beef’: Twitter went wild with many viewers taking Danielle’s side but others thought she may have an agenda

She said: ‘It doesn’t mean you’re guilty, just because you’re friends with journos. I do a radio show with one. Coleen wouldn’t have gone through this if she didn’t have concrete evidence.’

Danielle added: ‘It’s defo come from Becky’s account. I think she did it, sadly I really do. It’s a Shame as she probably thought she wouldn’t get caught. 

‘She must have thought that if she was feeding the press stories, she would get more headlines for herself.’

Can’t believe it: Lizzie is good friends with Becky (pictured together in January 2018) and said she is shocked at the latest news but admits Coleen would have been sure before sharing that post 

But Lizzie concluded: ‘There’s nothing worse that being accused. If Becky’s saying she didn’t do it, Coleen’s got to show the proof. 

‘I’ve had it done to me and it’s the worse thing in the world.’  

Twitter went wild during the interview as the feud has captured the interests of the nation. 

 Viewers wrote: ‘Agreeing with Danielle Lloyd. A new low for me. #ThisMorning.’

‘They’ve got Danielle Lloyd on This Morning saying she thinks Rebekah Vardy did it and this is the content we, as a society going through a stressful time, deserve.’

‘Danielle Lloyd obviously has “beef” with Rebekah Vardy.’

‘I agree with her I think Rebekah 100% did it!’   

Heavily pregnant Rebekah has denied all accusations against her and said she will clear her name, but Lizzie told Channel 5 news the day before that Coleen wouldn’t have pointed the finger if she had any doubt.   

Dumbfounded: Lizzie told broadcaster Claudia-Liza Armah about her friendship with both Coleen and Rebekah and said: ‘Well, like everyone else, I am in total shock’

Talking from her home, Lizzie told broadcaster Claudia-Liza Armah about her friendship with both Coleen and Rebekah and said: ‘Well, like everyone else, I am in total shock.

‘Coleen has been doing her detective work for a couple of years now. I know these stories about her have been repeatedly coming out in the press. 

‘She really wanted to get to the bottom of it and she did. I know Coleen and I am friends with both. Coleen is very intelligent, very bright. I don’t think she is given enough credit for that.

Lizzie said: ‘I know Coleen and I am friends with both. Coleen is very intelligent, very bright. I don’t think she is given enough credit for that’

The FAKE stories Coleen shared which were sold to The Sun and followed by media outlets

Wayne and Coleen Rooney’s £20m ‘Morrisons’ manor is ‘flooded

On Tuesday, it was claimed that the Rooney’s basement had flooded due to Storm Lorenzo.

It was said to have caused a ‘massively stressful’ setback in the completion of the sprawling three-storey mansion 

Coleen Rooney ‘is so desperate for a baby girl that she’s looked into controversial £8K gender selection treatment’ 

The Sun first reported that mother of four sons, Coleen had looked into ‘gender selection’ treatment in a desperate bid for a daughter and had flown to Mexico earlier this year to discuss the controversial £8,000 treatment with doctors

Coleen Rooney ‘hopes to revive her TV career including a Strictly stint now she’s moved back to the UK’ after husband Wayne’s scandal 

The Sun wrote that she was in talks to revive her once successful UK TV career now her family has moved back to this side of the Atlantic.

The mother-of-four apparently had to decline the offer to appear on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing but could compete in 2020

‘She is determined and wanted to know who is releasing these stories.  Whether it’s right to out someone in the way she did is another question, but it was really upsetting her and upsetting her family life.’

Lizzie said she admires the way Coleen found out the truth. 

She said: ‘She wanted to get to the bottom of it. It was a clever way to do it. I am one of the followers who follow her on her private Instagram. 

‘And I did wonder what was going on as she had been very quiet. I’ve got such a busy life and I didn’t see anything coming up – but I would have a flick through.’

Lizzie knows Rebekah well and said she still can’t believe this is something she would do. 

She said: ‘I can’t believe she would do this. What are the reasons? She doesn’t need the money. She has got a wonderful lifetyle, a wonderful family. It just beggars belief.’

Claudia made clear that Vardy has denied the accusations and that other people do have access to her Instagram account. 

She asked Lizzie what Rebekah is really like and she replied: ‘I love her. We were at the National Television Awards together. We have great fun.

‘She doesn’t need the money, she doesn’t need the fame. The only other reason is possibly to keep in with journalists and press by giving these stories. 

‘I have to say, for Coleen to do this, she must have had concrete evidence, because there is no way she would put this on social media knowing it’s going out to the world.      

‘She wouldn’t do this unless she knew 100%. Really, I just can’t believe that Becky would do this. Coleen really feel she has done it.’

Claudia added: ‘Rebekah also follows two of the journalists who reportedly posted these stories.’ 

Lizzie replied: ‘Well yeah she does. But she is in the public eye. There are a lot of journalists who follow me and I follow them. 

The flip side: Claudia-Liza Armah made clear that Vardy has denied the accusations and that other people do have access to her Instagram account

Lizzie said: ‘I do a radio show with one of the top journalists in the country. It’s part of our work. It doesn’t mean she’s guilty’ – pictured with handsome co-host Stephen Leng

‘I do a radio show with one of the top journalists in the country. It’s part of our work. It doesn’t mean she’s guilty.’

Lizzie also hinted that Coleen could have got the idea for her detective work from Jennifer Lopez.

She said: ‘I once interviewed J-Lo and I asked her how she keeps her close knit circle of friends and how does she know who to trust?

‘She said, “I give fake stories and when that fake story is released, I know it’s them and I get rid of them”.

‘Coleen felt very strongly about this and it’s been very upsetting to her and her family for months. 

‘She wanted to out that person… and that person is Becky Vardy.’   

Close friends only: This is believed to be Coleen’s private account – which is separate to the one she shares with the public

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