Video Shows 'Hero' Rescuing Dog From Train Tracks At Last Possible Second – So Why Was It Removed From TikTok??

A jaw-dropping animal rescue video was praised online… so why was it deleted from TikTok??

The video in question features a man racing across train tracks to rescue a dog which had been tied to the tracks as an oncoming locomotive approached (not pictured above). While he was racing to the rescue, other men, one of which was filming from an overpass, yelled with an Australian accent:

“Oh my God, he’s on the track! Get off the track!”

As the situation grew even more tense, someone also added:

“Bro just leave it there! Leave it!”

The “it” referring to the poor animal (believed to be a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) about to get crushed by the oncoming train.

Thankfully, nobody was harmed as the “hero” was able to untie the dog from the tracks and remove them both from harm’s way in the nick of time. We’re talking last second save here! See what we’re talking about in the re-uploaded video (below):

♬ original sound – •_•