‘Up against it’ Ronan Keating racing to be in new home with wife Storm by Christmas

Saturday Kitchen: Matt Tebbutt talks with Ronan Keating

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Ronan Keating and his wife Storm Keating have been keeping their followers up to date with their home renovations on Instagram over the past year. Now in a chat with Express.co.uk, the pair admitted they’ve been “up against it” in their hopes to be in the home by Christmas.

Storm and Ronan explained how they’ve been busy preparing for Christmas as well as working on their new home.

Fans of the pair will have been following their account TheKeatingsHouse where they’ve been building their dream home from scratch.

Speaking last month about the latest updates, Ronan said: “It’s going!

“We’re up against it, Storm has been project managing it all and main contractor, builder, labourer extraordinaire.

“She’s been doing all of it!

“So I just jump in for any hours that I have free and try to help out and do whatever labour is needed on the site.

“But she is literally doing every hour that God’s given her so we can try and get it finished.

“So that we can move in before Christmas.”

However, the pair have been making the most of their current home, decking it out for the festive season.

Storm admitted: “We’re really excited because this year we get to decorate two homes.

“So there’s the house we’re currently in and we’re hopefully moving into our new house just in time for Christmas, so we’ll be able to decorate twice.”

The pair opened up on their festive decorating plans, admitting they don’t always see eye-to-eye.

“I would put lights everywhere,” Ronan admitted.

“I like lots of lights and twinkles.

“I’m of the mind of putting it all up first, and then Storm tells me to take it down.”

The couple have teamed up with artificial tree company Balsam Hill this festive season.

The luxury home company offers a variety of real-looking trees for Christmas.

Storm admitted it was a perfect fit for them because they’re such huge fans of the holiday.

“This collaboration was actually a really good fit because between myself and Ro we’re super Christmas mad,” she explained.

“I don’t even know if they could have picked another couple who are more crazy about Christmas and decorations.”

Find out more about Balsam Hill’s collection here.

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