Um, Your Eyeballs Need to See the Goat Shoes That Cody Fern Just Wore on the Golden Globes Red Carpet

When a person chooses their shoes for the Golden Globes, they probably go for a pair that is chic, less-than-comfortable, and completes their outfit in the best way. Cody Fern did that, but in something you have to see to believe.

The man wore hoof shoes to the red carpet. Hoof shoes!!! Goat shoes! Whatever you wanna call them!

YEAH. In case you need a closer look, here you go.

A true lewk. Seriously.

Apparently, this is something Cody does on the reg (per Twitter, a very reliable source). Someone tweeted this earlier today.

Only watching the Golden Globes tonight to see Cody Fern. So sir ya better show up with your goat shoes cuz if not imma burn myself at the stake for wasting my time watching

He’s worn them in white, too.

cody fern: a fashion icon even in hoof shoes

And FYI, people are LOVING it, as they should.

Cody Fern’s shoes are hoofs. Your faves, never could. #GoldenGlobes

Let us all take more hoof shoe energy into 2019. Tyvm.

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