U2 at The Sphere Las Vegas, Game-Changing Concert Experience

Best use of $2.3 billion, ever … is the best way to describe U2’s opening shows at The Sphere Las Vegas, because it’s literally unlike any other concert experience on Earth.

Apologies to Swifties and the Beyhive, but The Sphere — the world’s largest spherical structure that’s really a 580,000 sq. foot large LED screen — produces the most realistic visuals, which became the backdrop for two U2 shows this weekend to launch the band’s 3-month residency.

The giant screen comprises almost the entire theater, and while Bono and crew played “Where the Streets Have No Name” … the audience was transported to a barren desert, but it’s so realistic, you feel like you’re at Burning Man — without the dust and port-o-potties. Probably the same amount of drugs, though … it’s still Vegas, after all.

The sights would almost completely upstage the band — U2 played on a relatively small stage, shaped like a record turntable — except for the fact, they were frequently projected onto The Sphere screen … which stands 360 feet tall and 516 feet wide!!!

There’s even a moment where Bono’s pulling on a giant tether, seemingly connected to a huge balloon … except the balloon is actually a graphic projected hundreds of feet above the band.

In a year that’s already seen the spectacle of Taylor Swift and Beyonce‘s record-setting tours … The Sphere is truly an astounding, game-changing experience for your ears and your eyes. 👀

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