Tyra Banks Denies "Housewives Ban" on 'DWTS' and Says She Thinks Someone's Trying to Create Drama

Soooooo, there are rumors that Tyra Banks banned cast members of The Real Housewives from joining Dancing with the Stars, which is fully not true. Like, Tyra’s publicist even gave a statement to Page Six saying as much, explaining “She’s a huge fan of the Housewives and everyone knows Tyra is a businesswoman first. As a businesswoman, why would she say anything against the Housewives? She has nothing to do with casting.”

And now Tyra herself is speaking out, telling Entertainment Tonight that she at no point banned The Real Housewives, and any reports saying otherwise are false.

Tyra also thinks she knows who the “source” is that’s trying to create drama, but didn’t name names:

👀 👀 👀 emphasis on YET.

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