Trina Braxton Defends 'Baby It's Cold Outside' After Radio Bans Song

Trina Braxton has an interesting thought about radio stations banning the Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” in the #MeToo era — and it’s basically this … Too. Damn. Far. 

The singer was at LAX Tuesday where our photog gave her props for her and her sisters’ new holiday album, “Braxton Family Christmas,” which spurred a convo about the latest holiday controversy — certain stations yanking ‘Baby It’s Cold’ because critics think it promotes date rape.

If you’ve never paid attention to the lyrics, the song’s about a woman trying to leave a date, while the guy insists she stay. One of the more problematic verses … “Well maybe just a half a drink more // I’ll put some records on while I pour // The neighbors might think // Baby it’s bad out there // Say what’s in this drink?”

Much as Trina defended the song, even she told us that verse is pretty shaky. Still, she says it’s a classic that shouldn’t be touched, and besides … she reminds us the woman decides to stay in the end.

So, can we expect a Braxton version? We’ll let Trina speak for herself here.

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