Tom Sizemore Suffers Brain Aneurysm, Rushed to Hospital

Tom Sizemore

Tom Sizemore had a MAJOR health scare…and now the actor is fighting for his life in the hospital.

His manager, Charles Lago, tells TMZ…Tom was hanging out at his LA home around 2 AM Saturday when he suffered a brain aneurysm and collapsed into unconsciousness.

Lago says someone found Tom and quickly called 911. EMS units responded and took him to a local hospital, where he was listed in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

‘Robbery Homocide Division-LA’’ tom sizemore

At this point, Tom is in a “bad way,” Lago says, and his chances for a full recovery seem uncertain.

Of course, Tom has had a litany of problems over the years with drug abuse and run ins with the law. He has been arrested for DUI, domestic violence and possession of a controlled substance.

‘Saving Private Ryan’

But, he’s also been a successful actor who has appeared in some of Hollywood’s most popular films, such as “Saving Private Ryan,” “Black Hawk Down,” “Natural Born Killers” and “Heat.”

Feel better, Tom. Fingers crossed.

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