Tom Brady Not Getting Into Stand-Up Comedy, Considering Netflix Roast

tom brady

Hold your tomatoes — Tom Brady is NOT pursuing a full-blown second career in stand-up comedy, but the recently retired NFL superstar might still be making people chuckle at his expense in the future, TMZ Sports has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us … recent reports of TB12 wanting to venture into the funny business are bogus. The 7-time Super Bowl champion is, however, in talks with Netflix to be the center of a roast special … with a working title, “The Greatest Roast of All Time.”

It’s a bummer for anyone who wanted to see more of Brady dancing and singing like he did in his “Saturday Night Live” monologue in 2005 … but for now, his focus is on being with his family before joining Fox Sports in 2024.

As Brady previously said, he will spend his year off “catching up on other parts of my life that need some time and energy” before honoring his 10-year, $375 million broadcasting deal.

Aside from SNL, Brady has shown his funny side in flicks like “Ted 2” and Paul Rudd‘s Netflix project, “Living With Yourself” … but we’re told he’s not diving head-first into giggles anytime soon.

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