Tina Fey Wishes Ariana Grande Had Asked Her To Be In ‘Thank U Next’ Video!

Same, Tina Fey. Same AF.

Ariana Grande‘s thank u, next music video was in no small way inspired by Mean Girls, which the 30 Rock star wrote and acted in — and yet Tina ultimately wasn’t asked to make an appearance in the music video.

What gives?!

While we can’t speak to Ariana’s motivation for not including Tina Fey in the now-legendary video spoof (maybe she didn’t expect her to say yes??), we do know the media caught up with Fey in NYC on Monday night to talk about it!!

Speaking to reporters, the Saturday Night Live alum revealed she’s a HUGE fan of Ari’s video (below):

“Oh, I love it. I’m so honored by it, and I thought the casting of Kris Jenner was super inspired, and she looked adorable.”

Ha! Amen, on that Kris Jenner part, especially!!!

But then, Fey continued, and revealed she unfortunately wasn’t even invited to take part (below):

“I was like, ‘My phone didn’t ring!’ I don’t know if I would’ve been able to do it, but I would’ve tried, maybe.”

Awww… sad!

thank u, next was hilarious and very well-done… but we definitely would’ve loved to have seen Tina and Tim Meadows do their thing during the video, too!!!

What about U, Perezcious readers?! Which star did YOU miss most in the vid???

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