TikTok Runs Rampant with Theories After UFO Shot Down in Alaska

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An unidentified flying object — literally, a UFO — was shot down by the United States just outside of Alaska … but it isn’t another balloon, and TikTok is having a tinfoil hat field day.

Here’s the deal … the White House announced Friday that President Biden had ordered the downing of yet another object in the sky that was inexplicably in our airspace, which the Pentagon said posed a reasonable threat to civilian aircraft due to its altitude (40,000 feet).

It had been spotted and surveilled by U.S. intelligence/Alaska-area military Thursday, and the next day … JB said to take it down, which an F-22 fighter jet then did without issue.

As for what exactly it is — and more importantly, how the government is talking about it — is shrouded in mystery … as White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby described it to the media as the size of a “small car,” but didn’t offer any more details.

Fortunately, other outlets were able to get a better read on this from anonymous national security sources — with one unnamed high-ranking official describing it to ABC News as “cylindrical and silverish gray,” while also saying it looked to be unmanned and FLOATING … and not appearing to be steered or propelled with any recognizable aviation systems.

In other words, it sounds like a good old-fashioned flying saucer — or, at the very least, like something that’s been described by Navy officials, of late, as something out of this world.

There’s a retrieval mission underway to gather the remains of whatever this thing was, but so far … there isn’t much else out about where it came from, what its capabilities are, or its intent. Uncle Sam has firmly said, however, that it is not another Chinese balloon.

Of course, due to the sci-fi nature of this news … the internet is off and running with conspiracy theories — not to mention purported footage and/or images of what some claim to be the actual object … plus, what some claim have been other recent sightings there.

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Par for the course for TikTok, but we must admit … this is a pretty wild story, especially since the feds are being careful in how to describe the mystery machine. They keep calling it a “high-altitude object” … but also admit it was, indeed, flying. So, it’s a freaking UFO.

BTW, if this feels like déjà vu — namely, the government admitting to something unknown, while being wish-washy on what exactly it was — that’s because this happened before. Roswell!

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The infamous incident from 1947 is top of mind for many right now … especially since a balloon was just in the mix a week ago, which China said was for weather research. That’s what the U.S. ultimately said crashed out there in New Mexico, despite putting out a much more ominous public bulletin about the debris at first … which definitely didn’t sound like a weather balloon. Roswell is by far the most talked-about alien theory to date, at least here.

Time will tell if the feds give more info on what they shot down. With UFO reports at an all-time high — and with Congress taking it seriously — this could amount to something. 👀

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