This is the most interesting place Dennis Quaid has had sex

Dennis Quaid doesn’t keep his sex life between the sheets.

The “Parent Trap” star has been candid about the ups and downs in his life, including his extensive drug use prior to rehab, and now he’s opening up about the most unusual place he’s knocked boots.

“It was a slow elevator. It was in Quebec,” he told The Sunday Times. “It must be the French influence.”

“It was the elevator going to my own apartment, so it wasn’t like a public building,” he clarified. “I knew the other floors were currently unoccupied and no one was coming in—but she didn’t.”

Since the elevator tryst happened “not too long” ago, it might have been with his girlfriend of two years, French-Canadian model Santa Auzina, 32.

The pair got together around the time Quaid filed for divorce from his wife of 12 years, Kimberly Buffington-Quaid, in June 2016.

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