This Handy Tool Ensures You’ll Never Lose Your Photos Again

When our phones get lost or stolen, most of us worry about one thing above all — our photos!

Memories are precious, and the photos and videos we take on our phones are evidence of memories we don’t want to lose. Photos of a wonderful trip with family or friends, images of your much-loved pet, videos of a birthday party or Christmas morning — these are all quite simply priceless. Sometimes, a photo or video can be our only connection to a loved one or beloved place. If we lose that, it can be devastating.

But you don’t have to worry about this loss. Not when you have the Photo Backup Stick Universal! This is an all-in-one picture and video backup tool for computers and phones that allows you to preserve and protect your favorite memories from all of your devices in one location. The Photo Backup Stick Universal allows you to back up from Windows computers, laptops, and tablets, Mac computers and laptops, iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, and Android phones and tablets. No matter your device, the Photo Backup Stick Universal has you covered! Simply plug in the stick to your device, open the Photo Backup Stick Universal app, and start backing up!

This remarkable tool also gives you the freedom to clear up all your devices so you can have room to take more pictures. Stolen or lost devices, unexpected computer crashes, malware, and more can be a worry of the past! Not to mention, there are no monthly cloud storage fees with this tool. Furthermore, it helps keep your photos organized by remembering what you backed up and removing exact duplicates.

Choose from different storage options:

The Photo Backup Stick Universal (8GB) is $53.99 (Reg. $59), saving you 9% off!

For 16GB, only pay $62.99 (Reg. $69), saving 9% off.

For 32GB, only pay $71.99 (Reg. $79), saving 9% off.

For 64GB, only pay $80.99 (Reg. $89), saving 9% off. Get yours now and enjoy total peace of mind!

Prices subject to change.

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