‘There are too many snowflakes!’ Anne Robinson slams society’s ‘unnecessary censorship’

Anne Robinson questions Weakest Link contestant in old episode

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Anne Robinson has returned to viewer’s screens as the new presenter of Countdown after taking over from Nick Hewer who recently stepped down from the role. The former Weakest Link host, who was branded the Queen of Mean, has hit back at the amount of “censorship” currently imposed on society.

The 76-year-old has claimed that the Weakest Link would not have been made today.

It comes after Anne addressed remarks she previously made on the BBC quiz programme.

The new Channel 4 presenter admitted she will not be calling any of the Countdown contestants “stupid” after the small-screen star was known for dishing out harsh criticism to quiz player’s on her former BBC show.

Anne agreed that Weakest Link could not be made now, for fear of the effect on contestants’ mental health.

She declared herself “absolutely not” on board with such matters in a new interview.

The quiz presenter said that people are more inclined to get “upset” nowadays.

“It’s censorship and unnecessary. Yes, there are too many snowflakes today,” Anne explained.

“In the 1970s it was the tougher women who adapted to a male world.”

She continued to Radio Times: “Now, thankfully, clever women of all shapes and sizes are in the workplace, but it means they don’t have steel armour and are more easily upset.

“I wish there was a course they had to do, instead of useless Masters degrees, that teaches them the game of office life, and how to win at it.”

Anne recently hit out at cancel culture – where an opinion can damage a person’s career- and admitted she has little time for it.

“Well, it’s exhausting isn’t it?” she says. “Because it’s cutting out genuine criticism.”


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She told the BBC: “I hate it that television, newspapers and charities are all pandering to it.

“Instead of supporting the people who support their newspaper or their charity.”

Anne has since taken over the famous Countdown chair, replacing Nick, with her first instalment going out to fans this week.

Speaking ahead of her debut on the Channel 4 programme, she admitted that while Nick may have been on hand to offer support, she isn’t in need of any.

Anne said that her way of filming the show will be completely different to Nick’s.

“Nick offered that if I wanted to call him, I could do,” she said.

The Crosby-born star went on to say: “But I thought I should just do what I want to do.

“There’s three shows where you’ve got 10 minutes to come off, get changed and do you hair.”

You can read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times out now.

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