The Mail published a staff editorial ordering King Charles to exclude Harry

We’re about 100 days away from King Charles’s coronation, or whatever we’re calling it now. I’m extremely partial to the Clowning and/or the Chubbly. King Charles would much rather spend these 100 days talking about knickerbockers, ermine robes and gold carriages. Instead, he’s walking through a minefield of controversies just waiting to explode, the biggest of which is Prince Harry’s attendance. Harry was asked a few times about the coronation in his Spare promotional interviews, and he remained noncommittal. He did make it abundantly clear that he wants a sit-down conversation with his father and brother (mostly his father), and he wants Meghan included in the conversation. That is Harry’s priority – clearing the air, getting an apology, an acknowledgement of wrongs and accountability for those wrongs.

Except Charles doesn’t care about any of that – he wants to be able to order Harry to come and go, and Charles hates the idea that he could actually extend a Chubbly invitation to Harry (alone) and Harry would still refuse to come. This is a situation needing care, diplomacy and love. So, obviously, Charles is incapable, and he’s telegraphing the fact that he wants the Archbishop of Canterbury to negotiate with Harry instead. Just as Charles’s people briefed the Daily Mail about the plans to use the Archbishop as intermediary, the Mail’s editors published this staff editorial called “Problematic Prince.”

As a father, it’s only natural that King Charles hopes for a reconciliation with Prince Harry. As sovereign and head of the Royal Family, however, he must think very carefully before inviting his wayward son to his Coronation.

The prince has caused untold damage to the monarchy and inflicted great pain on the Queen in her final months. If he has any sense of honour, he himself will make clear he doesn’t wish to attend the ceremony. If not, he should be excluded.

[From The Daily Mail, via Richard Eden’s Twitter]

The Daily Mail is bluntly ordering the KING to exclude Harry from the Chubbly. The British media has always seen itself as part of the monarchy, and when Harry attacks the invisible contract and the repugnant operations of the British media, the media then acts as if Harry is attacking the monarchy itself. I’m not sure the average British person understands how unhinged this is, honestly. To think that Charles and Camilla have courted and colluded with these people, and to think that the Mail’s editors have the f–king audacity to publish this.

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