The Great British Bake Off 2023 LIVE!

The Great British Bake Off 2023 LIVE! Alison Hammond makes her debut as a new set of amateur bakers enter the tent – but who will get a Hollywood handshake

The first person to leave GBBO 2023…

Amos’ time in the famous tent has sadly come to an abrupt end as he was announced as the first baker to leave.

Fighting back tears the other bakers rally around him to show their support.

Amos’ Showstopper just wasn’t good enough this time as it had a soggy bottom and it meant it was his time to leave.

Crying, he said: ‘It was obviously the Showstopper that stopped my show. As soon as I heard my name I came out of my body.

‘It has been amazing being in that group of people walking into the tent on the first day, and that is softening the blow a little bit.’

Week one Star Baker goes to…

Since it is her first show, Alison revealed that Dan has won the first Star Baker of the 2023 series.

He couldn’t contain his smile after his name was called!

Naughty Prue!

Prue couldn’t help herself as she cracked a beaver joke as Nicky showed off her cake creation.

Nicky placed her cake on the table, prompting Prue to say: ‘Nicky, tell us about your beaver!’

The judges and contestants couldn’t contain their laughter as she cracked the joke.

Fans were also amused online

Amos' whale cake

Amos is having no luck with his showstopper whale cake which was described as ‘stodgy’ and had ‘no flavour’.

Prue added: ‘It’s not your best’.

Cristy's duck cake

Kicking off the judging, Cristy’s duck cake has gone down a hit with Paul and Prue.

The judges loved the decoration and as they cut into the creation the rasberry sponge was described as delicious.

Times up!

And the time is up for the showstopper challenge.

Panic really struck as the timer went off for the final challenge of the episode.

With the cakes started to take shape and look like animals towards the end many of the bakers opting for dogs but others have gone for something more unique.

But which will the judges like the most?

Showstopper nightmare

Despite coming second in the technical, Amos is having a nightmare in the showstopper.

His cake has completely collapsed!

But can he save it before the time runs out?

Showstopper time!

The bakers have four hours to create their impressive Showstopper cake.

They need to create a cake out of sponge and it must incorporate animals.

But who will take the top spot and be crowned star baker?

The judges verdict

It’s time for Paul and Prue to try 12 chocolate cakes and decide who’s is the perfect bake.

For the first technical challenge of the series Dan takes the top spot.

With thrilled Amos coming in second place.

However Dana looked close to tears as she placed in 12th with Tasha in 11th.

Missing rasberry

The bakers have been debating whether or not to leave out the iconic missing raspberry on the famous chocolate cake.

However it’s too late as time is up and it’s time for Paul and Prue to judge the bakes.

Time for the Technical Challenge

The bakers have been given ingredients to make the iconic chocolate cake from the GBBO opening titles.

Judging time

The new pertrified bakers are being judged by Prue and Paul for the first time.

The judges try the new contestants vertical layer cakes but there are NO handshakes so far!

Let the baking begin!

The first task for the nervous dozen new bakers is to create a vertical layered sponge

What an AMAZING opening scene

Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, Noel Fielding and Alison Hammond kicked off the show with a funny godfather skint.

Paul was obviously The Breadfather!

What theme is week one?

For the opening episode, the 12 new bakers will kick off the 14th series with Cake Week.

In their first opportunity to impress the judges, the contestants are tasked with producing the perfect vertical layer cake for the Signature Challenge.

For the Technical Challenge, the bakers are given ingredients to make an iconic chocolate cake.

The Showstopper includes a chance for the competitors to express their architectural skills with sponge.

5 minutes to go!

The wait is nearly over for the return of the GBBO which will air every Tuesday for the next ten weeks, with the final airing on November 28, 2023.

What is the Great British Bake Off final prize money?

You would think the bakers who are set to put their sweat and tears into their delicious creations over the next few weeks would be battling for a grand cash prize.

However this is not the case.

The winning prize is just flowers and a cake stand.

Despite this many of the Bake Off stars go on to earn large sums of money through appearances, cookbooks and launching cooking schools.

The show welcomes its first ever deaf contestant

This year’s series comes with a twist – presenters have taken it upon themselves to learn British Sign Language – as the show welcomes its first ever deaf contestant.

Alison Hammond reveals she 'put on a stone' while filming GBBO after eating the delicious cakes on set

Why did Matt Lucas leave The Great British Bake Off?

Alison Hammond confesses she has nerves as she takes over as host

Lets meet the contestants!

Where is the Channel 4 series filmed?

Amateur bakers returning to the iconic white pitched tent for the fourteenth series but WHERE is the Channel 4 show filmed?

GBBO is back!

Not long to go until the hit baking series returns to Channel 4 screens at 8pm tonight.

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