The Fear Street Part Three: 1666<\/em> Soundtrack Returns to the \u201890s

The conclusion of Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy arrives with Fear Street Part Three: 1666. And it’s fair to say that the story comes full circle. While the first hour and change of the film does take place in the time period indicated by the title—the Witchcraft-accusing dark ages of 1666—it’s the remainder of the film that really brings the trilogy home, concluding the story and maybe, just maybe, setting up a little bit of something for the future too.

But you’re here for the music. While the 1666 portion of the story provides vital information for the characters in terms of figuring out what, exactly, was going on (answer? Sarah Fier: good, Nick Goode: bad), there aren’t exactly a ton of era-appropriate 1666 bangers that we’re air drumming and singing along to. Luckily, when director Leigh Janiak shifts the story’s action back to 1994, the music immediately picks back up. Let there be jams!

Perhaps the best part of this closing chapter’s music is how things come full circle. As Fear Street: 1994 featured “Hey” by the Pixies, 1666 brings the band back for their equally catchy anthem “Gigantic.” And while the soundtrack isn’t as extensive as in the first part of the trilogy (only about 40% of this movie takes plays in 1994, after all), it does get it’s money’s worth, with plenty of great songs worth singing along to.

So, if you’re sad that the Fear Street story has come to an end after three weeks and three movies, take solace that at least you can leave with some inspired choices for your next playlist. Here’s every song from Fear Street Part Three: 1666.

“Mo’ Murda” – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

“Come Out And Play” – The Offspring

“Live Forever” – Oasis

“Gigantic” – Pixies

“Mr. Grieves” – Pixies

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