The Bachelorette Recap: A Quitter, A Stalker and… A World Record?

It was Fantasy Suite week on The Bachelorette this week.

But did the intercourse-related evening turn into a nightmare for Tayshia Adams and/or any of her suitors?

On to the recap…

After telling JoJo Fletcher she could “absolutely” see herself with either Ivan, Brendan or Zac, Adams set off for a date with the former suitor.

To randomly kick things off, the pair attempted to set a world record for the longest coldest kiss by smooching in ice baths.

Chris Harrison explained to the aspiring couple that “once you start, you cannot separate,” just as Tayshia and Ivan submerged themselves in the 40-degree water.

However, the heat between the pair overcame the freezing temperature and Tayshia and Ivan actually surpassed the record, locking lips for a total of six minutes and 35 seconds in the ice baths.

That’s a long time to hold a smooch even outside of an ice bath. Must be true love!

Cut to dinner and…

“I probably started falling in love with you a couple of weeks ago, honestly,” Ivan told Tayshia, continuing as follows:

“I can really see this all working out and I just love looking in your eyes and being able to stare at you. I could do that all day. Tayshia, I am undoubtedly falling in love with you right now. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”

Tayshia replied to Ivan by admitting: “I definitely have been falling for you, too.”

Did he want to go to the Fantasy Suite and almost assuredly take a visit to Pound Town with her?

“One hundred percent yes,” Ivan said when asked if he wanted to spend the night with The Bachelorette.

“I really do want to use tonight to just be able to talk more and have some good, uninterrupted time between the two of us and make it a special night.”

Ah, yes, some good uninterrupted time. There’s a euphemism for you.

The next morning, Ivan stated that the night “couldn’t have gone better, telling the camera that he was “feeling on top of the world” and adding:

“We were outside on the little bench there in front of the Airstream until the sun was literally rising. We stayed up all night talking about stuff.”

He also said he would have “no problem proposing” to Tayshia.

Could Zac possibly top such an evening?

First, he and Tayshia created an unusual work of art with their love by painting all over each other and rolling around on a canvas.

“I’ve never been happier in my entire life,” Zac declared during the date.

At dinner, Adams raised a concern she had with the addiction specialist.

“I was actually talking to your mom and you told her that you didn’t want kids,” she said, citing to their conversation during the hometown episode. “But I told you I wanted five kids and you’d been on board.”

What say you, Zac?

“Early on, I was telling myself a lie for a little while there — that I just wanted to be the cool uncle, I didn’t want to have kids and that I just wanted to be single.

“It was the easy thing to say because love is hard … and what I realized coming here and putting every other area of my life on hold is that I do want to be a dad.

“And I do want to have kids, and I know that I’ll be a good dad, and that I’ll be a good husband, and that I deserve all those things.”

From there, both sides said “I love you” and, yes, they went to the Fantasy Suite.

“I’m living in a dream,” Zac told Tayshia as they entered the sex room.

In the morning, Zac told the cameras: “The last 20 hours of my life have been unbelievable. There was definitely moments of passion and kissing and closeness.”

Yeah, but… Tayshia just had the same moments with Ivan and also had a date with Brendan on tap.

“As much as I care for Zac, I do have feelings for Ivan and Brendan as well,” she said in an on-camera interview, adding:

“Brendan’s had my heart since day one, so it’s been hard to navigate that fact that you can love more than one person at one time. I can see myself ending up with honestly any of these men.”

Prior to her time with Brendan, Adams said she loved “everything about him.”

Oddly and awkwardly, these two began by paying a visit to jeweler Neil Lane.

Tayshia marveled over diamond bracelets and earrings and even tried on wedding bands. Then… it came time for Brendan to check out the wedding bands for men. 

“Am I ready to give Tayshia the commitment of forever? I don’t know,” Brendan wondered to the cameras.

Almost as if the whole thing was totally scripted and set up, he proceeded to confess as much to Tayshia.

“I’m not going to lie, this has been a challenging past couple of days and past few weeks for me,” he shared.

“When I came here, I thought I was ready and I knew I was ready in my own mind and I even expressed that to you. But knowing you’re ready because you want something so bad and I want a wife and — I’m sorry.”

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Brendan said he was still broken inside and needed time to heal and that Adams deserved so much more.

“Maybe a younger version of me would’ve been really pissed off at you, but at the same time, I know what you’ve gone through because we’ve both been there before,” she told Brendan, referring to their previous failed marriages.

“And as much as I would love to be with you at the end of all of this, if you’re not ready, that’s not something I’m going to push you to do.

“I’ve already fought for someone to try and love me once, I’m not going to do it again.”

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Adams then walked Brendan to the car, cried a lot because she somehow claimed she was certain she would end up with Brendan and then sat back to decide between her two remaining contestants.

Just kidding!

Ben, naturally, returned to the show once again!

Yup, the writers really did go back to this well once again.

“The way that that ended, I was so completely caught off-guard,” he told Tayshia.

“I just like, didn’t even know what to do or say and I’m sorry for that. I know that was just horrible and for like, two days after, all I’ve been saying is, ‘How f—ing horrible. What the f— just happened?'”

Ben, of course, was booted off the show last week because he was unable to tell Adams how he felt about her.

“I didn’t even see that coming,” he continued.

‘And the feelings that I’ve had for you I’ve been describing this entire time. I just didn’t know what it was, but I’m in love with you. I have been in love with you.”

After Ben emphasized his life for Tayshia and said he could “see a life” with her, Adams broke down.

“I’m not alright,” she told the military veteran, explaining she needed a minute and walked away.

“What do I do with that?” she wondered aloud.

We’ll find out soon, at least, because Tayshia will pick her winner on Tuesday night’s finale of The Bachelorette Season 16.

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