Texas Woman Busts into Botox Clinic with Grinding Saw

This is bonkers — a woman whipped out a grinding saw to break into a Botox clinic this past weekend … and it was all caught on camera.

It went down in a Houston burb Friday night at the Botox RN MD Spa, where police say a lady pulled up, tried opening the doors after hours … and upon realizing they were locked shut, went back to her car and busted out the power tool to get inside.

The surveillance video shows the entire thing play out, and it’s as wild as it sounds. The woman — a petite blonde who appears relatively young — is cool, calm and collected the entire time … even as she saws her way through the entry and crawls inside.

Now, you might be thinking … did she really need a dose of Botox THAT badly? Well, maybe. Cops say she stole an undisclosed amount of anti-aging products, and made a clean getaway after riding off in her whip.

Sugar Land police are looking for the lady, and asking the public for any help in ID’ing her. She was driving a grey Mercedes SUV, probably has zero wrinkles or crow’s feet … but lacks ability to show facial expressions.

Like they say … if you’re looking for the fountain of youth, make sure ya bring a saw.

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