Tana Mongeau ROASTS Ex Bella Thorne Over New Single In Savage Twitter Feud!

A storm’s a-brewin….

Recently, Bella Throne has been non-stop promoting her new single SFB (AKA Stupid F**king Bitch) on social media, and now many followers think she’s shading ex Tana Mongeau — even the YouTube star herself!

Last Friday, the former Disney Channel star tweeted:

“when she tries so hard to be relevant she won’t stop bringing up your name for attention……. girl. can’t you get your own attention stoppppppppp.”

The 23-year-old OnlyFans troublemaker quickly added:

“#SFB #SFB she wishes she was me

Well, Tana got the message we guess! On Sunday the 22-year-old responded with what seemed like genuine surprise at her ex’s public jabs:

“not me up at 5 am absolutely still BAZOINKED that bella throne tweeted i want to be her”

While Bella has yet to confirm who the tweets or song are about, her comment in which “she wishes she was me” have many fans thinking she’s talking about Mongeau, who seems more annoyed than anything, elaborating:

“749 favorites in a day and my last tweets have more and ur worried about my relevancy? @ me next time and unfollow me while u at it..”

LOLz! She’s not messing around. The feud continued as Tana savagely wrote:

“imagine taking the time to write, direct, and fund entire song about me called stupid f**king bitch and also being bella thorne smfh”

Supporters were quick to point out a clear problem in Thorne’s initial relevancy argument — her song has significantly less streams than her ex’s! One Twitter user responded:

“I think the streams speak for themselves…”

Along with pics showing Bella’s song with 89,025 streams and Without You currently at 6,525,600.

Yikes, that’s a big difference!! Sure, Bella’s song has only been out a few days, but it’s certainly not the time to be throwing shade…

Tana later joked:

“i rly do be living in so many peoples heads rent f**king free man i should go furniture shopping.”

She finished the social media rant with a moment of honesty, explaining:

“i’m honestly done being walked on and f**ked on by shitty people and looking like the bad person. i’d rather go out exposing and swinging. let’s go bitch.”

The out-for-revenge influencer certainly covered her bases too, posting a snippet of SFB on TikTok teasing:

“i absolutely can not believe this isn’t a fever dream HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH can 2020 be over i beg.”

To hear the full song in question and decide for yourself who it’s about, ch-ch-check out the music video (below)!

Stay tuned for any formal response from the singer herself, who’s stayed quiet ever since this dispute began over the weekend.  We’re sure she has plenty to dish!

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