Tamara Ecclestone reveals epic Christmas plans for daughter’s megabucks fantasy

Christmas at heiress Tamara Ecclestone’s house is never low key – but this year she is pulling out all the stops to give her daughter a megabucks festive fantasy.

Decorations cost £3,500, two trees were £1,000, a giant advent calendar and gifts came to £500 and another £4,000 went on a magic mirror photo booth to capture the fun.

Tamara, 34, invited the Sunday Mirror to take a peek at a winter wonderland she created at the £70million London mansion she shares with husband Jay Rutland, 37, and daughter Sofia, four.

We’ve estimated she spent up to £50,000 on her lavish festivities.

And today the TV reality show star was carrying on threw a £3,000 bash for Sofia, aka Fifi, and 50 friends at an exclusive hotel.

Two reindeer and an owl were in attendance – hired for a total of £1,000.

That followed a £14,000 trip to Lapland where they met Santa.

Around £2,000 will be spent on family gifts and another £20,000 will pay for first class flights as the celebrations move on to Los Angeles, where Tamara’s sister Petra, 29, lives with her three kids.

But one person who won’t be with them is dad Bernie, 88 – the Swiss-based Formula One tycoon worth £2.5billion.

Tamara says: “I start Christmas ­shopping in September. Since having Fifi it’s always so magical seeing it through her eyes. My parents didn’t make a big deal of it like we do. I think my dad thinks I’m mad. He will be in Switzerland and I take it in turns to go there or to LA.

“Because I’m in LA this year we put the decorations up extra early, in mid-November.Last year we did the Nutcracker theme, this year it’s The Snowman.

“Professionals do the outside but we do have a tree in the house which Jay, Fifi and I put up together. It’s the least perfect decoration but it is the most fun to put up.”

Tamara lives close to Kensington Palace and Fifi must feel like a princess herself amid all the glitter and lights.

A huge silver wreath adorns front doors flanked by snowmen, polar bears, deer and penguins.

She beams: “I like the outside. Every time I pull up it makes me happy.”

Inside, the wooden advent calendar sits beneath a crystal chandelier.

A present is placed behind each calendar window every day.

In adjacent rooms, floor-to-ceiling pine trees have presents scattered below. Dozens of toys and decorative unicorns litter the space.

Guests are treated to a game of gold playing cards or invited to try the basement bowling alley. Tamara says she has no idea how many baubles have been bought and describes the display as “big but all pretty normal”.

The average Brit spends £810 on Christmas.

Tamara also provides toys for schoolkids and spends £1,000 on gifts to be handed out at a children’s party at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital.

She says: “The kids really look forward to that day so it’s amazing we can do something fun for them. Christmas is about kids and I am happy with anything – a mug, socks, pyjamas. It’s not presents that make me happy. It’s the food, music, the build-up, the general excitement.”

When I ask Tamara if she wants to extend her family, she says “maybe”… as Fifi skips round the room and chimes: “I want a sister, I want a sister!”

Wow… now that IS a Christmas wish.

  • Inspired by her daughter, Tamara has created a booming baby range called Fifi and Friends. See fifiandfriends.co.uk – and her haircare line at showbeauty.com

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