Simone Biles Gives Advice To New ‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood

Colton Underwood was looking for some advice on social media this morning, and Simone Biles delivered.

The new star of The Bachelor headed to his Twitter seeking some advice about his relationships and Simone came back with some really good words for him.

“Yes, I always need advice,” he wrote back to Simone, who asked if needed any advice. “I need advice for my relationships…. they are being stubborn and not listening to me… how do I get thru to them?”

They “they” Colton referenced though aren’t people – they’re dogs (and super cute ones at that).

While Simone didn’t see that he was referring to his dogs at first, she did come back with some sage advice not just for him personally, but for everyone in a relationship with a girl.

“oh all girls are stubborn. let her have her moment. Don’t say ‘I told you so’, always let a girl do her thang first bc they’re bound to come back around & listen…” Simone wrote. “but its gotta be her idea first haha. we’re complicated like that srry boys.”

Check out the full exchange below:

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