SIGHting! Jennifer Lopez Caught Wearing Ben Affleck’s Flannel Shirt!

With their relationship heating up, it looks like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have progressed to sharing each other’s clothes!

On Thursday, the 51-year-old actress was seen stepping off a plane with her 13-year-old twins in El Lay. While you normally wouldn’t think much of it, her comfortable outfit instantly grabbed peoples’ attention. Why? Well, Lopez was seemingly wearing an oversized flannel over her white crop top — and it most likely belonged to Ben!

We acknowledge it could have just been a regular ole plaid shirt, BUT the Argo actor has worn almost the exact piece of clothing numerous times over the years. You can take a look at the evidence HERE.

And since Jen and Ben have recently been caught leaving each other’s homes, it would certainly come as no surprise if she snagged some of his clothing. You know, to possibly keep him close while he’s in Los Angeles and she’s in Miami. However, the singer did check out some schools in the Cali city, so who knows how long they’ll actually remain separated!

As you should know by now, the exes secretly started spending some time together again shortly after J.Lo ended her engagement to Alex Rodriguez. Since then, they’ve been spotted out together on multiple occasions, including a romantic getaway to Montana in May. The two have yet to publicly address their relationship, nor take part in the modern trend of solidifying their romance on Instagram. But we still have our fingers crossed that it’ll happen sometime soon. Until then, we’ll just have to enjoy these little snippets of their romance!

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