Selena Gomez Called Timothee Chalamet on Instagram Live While He Was In Line to Vote!

Selena Gomez and Timothee Chalamet went live on Instagram together on Saturday (October 24) to encourage their fans to vote!

Timothee was waiting in line to vote at Madison Square Garden in New York City while he chatted with Selena, who appeared to be laying down in bed.

Selena asked Timothee about the voter turnout in the Big Apple during the state’s first day of in-person voting. She revealed that she voted via a mail-in ballot as she is unable to go in-person this year.

“I really hope this guy loses… oh man. I think in New York we’re safe, victory-wise,” Timothee said while talking about his hope of getting Trump out of the White House.

“My stomach hurts because I’m nervous,” Selena responded.

The friends and former co-stars also talked about working together on the movie A Rainy Day in New York, which will be available on VOD on November 10. You can pre-order the movie now on iTunes!

You can watch a clip of the Instagram Live below.

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