Scott Disick Is Hawking A Balm That Is Supposed To Change The Color Of Your Eyes

Living like a king is expensive. Private jet fuel, a fleet of luxury cars, fine dining, and child support don’t come for free. So please forgive Scott Disick for simply doing whatever it takes to keep his family fed, clothed, and yachted. If Scott’s latest source of revenue, hawking snake oil that’s supposed to allow you to change your eye color, seems a little dubious, try to see it his way. If not for his lucrative iColour contract, his children might be forced to fly commercial when they’re with him. And no decent parent would wish that on their child.

According to Buzzfeed News, Scott posted a sponsored ad on Instagram for a product called iColour. It’s a topical “balm” that’s supposed to inhibit melanin production in your eyeball when you apply it to the skin beneath your eye.

Did Blac Chyna pass on this gig and Scott was the next one down on their list of desperate Kardashian adjacents? Obviously, anybody dumb enough to be swayed by this $2 ad deserves whatever hole in their pocket they have coming to them, but do they also deserve to go blind? Well, according to Buzzfeed, it’s not quite that bad since the product doesn’t actually go in your eye. It’s just never going to work. Here’s what the product claims it’s going to do (via Amazon).

This ingredient is commonly found in creams and lotions that are used for skin lightening. We have successfully formulated this ingredient for direct application under the eyes. Once it is absorbed through the surface of the skin (eye area), and it reaches the eye, it begins to block the production of melanin by inhibiting the activation of key enzymes that are required to produce melanin. This action results in a gradual decrease of your melanin levels which is what ultimately causes the change in eye color.

And here’s what Dr. Andrea Tooley an ophthalmology resident at the Mayo Clinic and spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology says it’s going to to do: Not a gawt damn thing. As anybody with even a remedial understanding of genetics knows, eye color is determined by your genetics, not blueberry flavored eye ChapStick. Dr. Toomey says:

“There are some different ways that you can change your eye color if you have different diseases or you have a foreign body in your eye,” she said. “Those are all conditions that you don’t want to have.”

Additionally, there are some medications that can affect your eye color. An “infrequent” side effect of some eyelash serum and glaucoma medications, is a darkening of the eye. But nothing you put in, or on, your body will get you an audition for Dune 2: Spice World Redux.

Since this product is marketed as a cosmetic and not a medication, it’s free from the shackles of FDA regulations. That means it’s buyer beware. If you want to spend $56 per month for a minimum of “6 to 12” months, by all means knock yourself out. Like literally, you need to put yourself in coma until you come to your senses. Why would you believe a word Scott Disick has to say!?!


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