Sarah Hyland cries showing kidney transplant, endometriosis surgery scars

Sarah Hyland isn’t just telling people about her health scares, she’s showing them.

After revealing in Self magazine that she underwent a second kidney transplant, the “Modern Family” star, 28, showed off her scars in an emotional accompanying video.

“It kind of looks like a samurai sword attack or a shark bite,” she said of her transplant scars.

Hyland also opened up about her other scars from previous surgeries, including a hernia operation and laparoscopic surgery for her endometriosis. Despite her health trials and tribulations, Hyland said they don’t hold her “back from anything.”

“I won’t let it,” she said.

After tearing up, Hyland made it clear she always tries to maintain a light-hearted attitude about her transplants. She then explained that her second kidney transplant was connected to her old kidney in the front of her body, which causes it to stick out.

“I call it my KUPA—kidney upper p—y area—always have, will forever,” Hyland said.

“For me it’s always hard for KUPA to be on display, still mentally it’s hard to get over that,” she admitted. “For someone being so tiny to have a stomach that looks like the New Jersey Turnpike just shows who I am and what kind of character I have.”

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