Ryan Reynolds and Paul McCartney Could Be the Next Native American Chief

The ‘Deadpool’ actor and the former Fab Four have been nominated to serve as the chief of the indigenous community as their names appear on the ballot in the upcoming Native American election.

AceShowbizRyan Reynolds and Paul McCartney have been nominated for the role of Chief of a Native American community on the Canadian-U.S. border.

The unlikely duo is among the nominees for Chief for Walpole Island First Nation, a reservation located on an island bordering Michigan and Canada, the community’s director of operations, James Jenkins, tells TMZ.com.

According to documents provided by Jenkins, the “Deadpool” star and Beatles legend were nominated by two eligible electors over the weekend (8-9Aug20), which qualifies them as official nominees for Chief due to a loophole dating back to 1868, when a non-member of the First Nation was elected as Chief.

Under the rules of the election, Ryan and Paul now have until Thursday to have their names removed from the ballot, otherwise, either could be elected in a poll held next month.

If one of the stars wins, First Nation representatives would contact them and they have to assume office or resign the office of Chief.

The role is similar to that of being a mayor, heading up a council and overseeing programmes and services for a community of 5,000.

To take up the job, both would have to move close to the reservation – which is located in a beauty spot popular with stars including Cher and Kid Rock.

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