Robert Blake's Latest Marriage Ended Without Anyone Dying

In 2005, veteran actor and enraged little person Robert Blake was acquitted of the murder of his then-wife Bonnie Lee Bakley. Despite beating the rap on the murder charge, he was found liable for her death in a later civil suit filed by Bakley’s kids. So, one jury decided this dude shot his wife. Yet, somehow, another lady thought it was a good idea to marry his crazy, possibly murderous ass. Unfortunately (or fortunately for her?) that’s over. Blake’s soon-to-be ex-wife Pamela Hudak should probably be thanking whatever deity she worships today. TMZ reports that Blake, 85, filed for divorce on Friday.

Robert and Pamela had apparently been friends for decades, and she even testified on his behalf during his criminal trial. They were married in the spring of 2017. There’s no mention of why Blake pulled the plug on the marriage yet. Note to Pamela: it’s preferable Blake be pulling the plug on your marriage as opposed to secretly pulling the plug on your respirator, right?

After Blake was found liable for Bonnie’s death in the Nov. 2005 civil suit trial and ordered to pay Ronnie’s kids $30 million, he appealed the ruling. His lawyers managed to knock it down to $15 million but Blake still had to file for bankruptcy. He currently owes a combined $4 million in state and federal taxes as well as legal fees.

So Pam Hudak’s not leaving with any money. Which is probably why she’s still breathing today! And if you want to watch a smug empty tampon applicator antagonize a short and short-tempered probable killer, check out Piers Morgan’s 2012 interview with Blake below.


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