Rachel Riley praises Starmer for ruling Corbyn out of next election

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Countdown house Rachel Riley, 37, has applauded Keir Starmer on Twitter after he made it clear to Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters that the Labour party would not be returning to that political era any time soon. The star also aimed a dig at those who have disagreed with her in the past, calling them “whiny” and telling them to “go”.

Taking to Twitter this evening, Rachel shared an article entitled: “Back me or quit Labour, Keir Starmer tells hard left.”

Above the link she tweeted: “This apology is welcome, as is Corbyn not standing under Labour.

“Where racists were previously invited in and protected, I do personally believe this version of Labour doesn’t want them there.

“If this annoys you, if you’d rather whine about ‘unity’ – go.” (sic)

Labour has been taken out of special measures by the equalities watchdog, with the party’s current leader describing progress in tackling antisemitism as a watershed moment for the party.

In a follow-up tweet, Rachel shared a tweet from CST, a charity helping Jewish people in the UK with security and antisemitism.

“They don’t care about ‘party unity’, ‘broad church’ blah blah blah, they want to win elections and not be racist,” she wrote.

“The current leadership has had a tough job inheriting a party riddled with antisemitism, pleased to see a decent start working with Jewish leadership to clean it up.” (sic)

The statement shared by CST was the response from the charity’s Chief Executive Mark Gardner and Jewish Leadership Council President Keith Black to today’s news regarding the Labour Party and antisemitism.

It read: “We always maintained that we would judge the Labour leadership on its actions rather than its words.

“The Labour Party under Sir Keir Starmer has gone a significant way towards making the Labour Party an unwelcome home for anti-Jewish racists.

“We believe that the Labour Party and Sir Keir have engaged us honestly and transparently about the scale of the challenge throughout the EHRC monitoring period and we have welcomed this radically different approach.

“There is still much work to do. Cultural change is always slow and whilst there are visible green shoots, there remains a clear issue, as demonstrated so clearly by the quarterly complaints’ figures released by the party.

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“We will continue to work with the Labour Party leadership, as we do with the leadership of all political parties, to represent the interests of the Jewish community and ensure that antisemitism is never again allowed to pollute mainstream politics.”

Rachel’s followers flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts on the latest developments within the Labour party.

“This is a positive step forward, credit to Keir and Labour!” wrote John.

“Hopefully they can learn from the past, after being found guilty of ‘unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination’.


“Having Corbyn stand at election, who continually denied that there was a problem, would’ve been wrong.

Alex added: “Thank you for sharing this Rachel. I can’t read the full article and I try to steer clear of politics online, but from a neutral POV I hope this is a step in the right direction in terms of dealing with religion based discrimination (including antisemitism) within all parties.” (sic)

While Steven wrote: “Words, Rachel. Just words. They’ll simply stop making antisemitic rants in public before the GE. Leopards don’t change their spots, they just hide them.”

“I agree to a large degree re leopards, as I think this administration does – that’s why they want those people out,” Rachel replied.

“They don’t want them there, I think today was their attempt to make that clearer to them.”

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