Prince William & Kate ‘bought’ struggle pizzas for Welsh people at a rugby club

Here are more photos from Prince William and Kate’s day in Wales on Thursday. Their “day” started so late, they actually stayed the night in Wales, at a local bed and breakfast. No word on how many rooms they needed! After they went hiking and abseiling with the Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team, William and Kate went to Dowlais Rugby Club to hang out with members of the community.

Someone in Kensington Palace reads Celebitchy, because Peg and Keen made a big show of not showing up to the club empty-handed. They stopped by the Little Dragon Pizza Van, which is like a food truck for Welsh people, and they ended up grabbing 22 “pies.” William and Kate apparently ordered a bunch of different kinds, “including pepperoni, margherita, barbecue chicken and goats’ cheese pizzas.” Wait until you see the photo of the actual “pizza.” Like… Welsh people, y’all need to invite some Italians to emigrate to Wales so y’all can have some proper Italian food. No disrespect to the Little Dragon Pizza Van, but those are some of the saddest pizzas I’ve ever seen.

— Kaiser@Celebitchy (@KaiseratCB) April 27, 2023

Derangers are making a big deal about how Kate and William are so normal, caring and generous they are for bringing those struggle pizzas around, but Will and Kate really did turn the whole thing into a self-conscious photo-op. The paparazzi got shots of them walking up to the van and Kate carrying more boxes than William. Maybe that’s the way we can get them to donate more sh-t to people – convince them to turn everything into a pre-arranged photo-op, so we’ll see Kate performatively lift one bag of donations to the baby bank, and we can see them both carry one can of beans (each) to the food bank.

As William and Kate were making a big show of picking up the pizza boxes, a reporter called out: “William, have you spoken to your brother? Why did you settle, William?” According to the Mail, “A smiling William continued to walk indoors with his wife and did not acknowledge the question.”

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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