Prince William & Charles agreed to never meet Harry alone post-Oprah interview

In Spare, Prince Harry detailed one conversation he had with his father and brother in Windsor, shortly after Prince Philip’s passing. Meghan was heavily pregnant in Montecito when Harry flew solo to England in the middle of the pandemic to attend his grandfather’s funeral. The British media was in a full meltdown about it, because it was just weeks after the Oprah interview aired and tensions were high. We only found out about the private meeting between Charles, William and Harry in Spare, although Charles and William both leaked different things about how they reacted to Harry’s presence in real time. Harry wrote about how Charles and William played dumb about why he left, and how William lunged at him and grabbed him twice, all while Charles sat back and whined. So… Robert Jobson’s latest book claims that William and Charles agreed to never meet Harry alone following the Oprah interview:

Following Harry and Meghan’s bombshell interview with Oprah, his brother and father decided not to meet him alone, a shocking new book claims. The Sussexes announced they would be leaving the family to other royals before Christmas in 2019, before telling the world in early 2020. After they finished royal duties, the couple became more outspoken with their criticism of the monarchy and some members of the royal family.

But after the claims of racism and mistreatment made by the Duke and Duchess in their March 2021 Oprah interview, senior royals agreed dramatic steps needed to be taken.

The revelation comes in Robert Jobson’s new book Our King: Charles III — The Man And The Monarch Revealed – with part two being published in this weekend’s Mail on Sunday.

In the aftermath of the interview – in which the couple said a senior royal had questioned what Archie’s skin tone would be – Prince William held a crisis meeting with his father. He is said to have been furious and said the firm needed a clear strategy for dealing with the renegade royals – and the then Prince of Wales agreed.

They decided that Prince Harry could no longer be trusted and they could not meet with him alone, for fear that the conversations would be remembered somewhat differently.

While ‘recollections may vary’, the royals decided, they would have the benefit of larger numbers, as there would always be someone else in the room.

[From The Daily Mail]

Alone in the sense of “it will never be one-on-one,” or alone in the sense that a neutral party always needs to be around when Harry is around both his father and brother? It doesn’t even matter, honestly – it doesn’t seem like Harry is particularly desperate to be alone with his father or brother either. This is supposed to make William sound like a bold man of action, but really, he was terrified that Harry would expose their conversations and William’s violent behavior. Post-Oprah interview, William was incandescent with FEAR. And rage.

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