Prince Harry ‘pushed Meghan away from William and Kate’ in last public appearance

A body language expert has claimed that Prince Harry pushed Meghan away from Prince William and Kate in their last public appearance.

The two couples appeared together at Windsor Castle to look at floral tributes for the late Queen Elizabeth II and greet crowds after her death- and it was seen as a significant moment of unity.

But now, body language expert Jesús Enrique Rosas has analysed footage from the day and claimed that the appearance was not as unified as people thought.

He alleges in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel Royal Rogue to have seen Prince Harry moving his wife away from Prince William and Kate in one clip.

According to The Express, for Jesús, it was one of the most 'spectacular displays of body language' he has seen. In the clip, Harry guided Meghan to a waiting car as the four prepared to leave.

However, they got the seats mixed up and he took her to the right hand side of the car, where Kate was. Quickly, he placed his hands on her waist to get her to move around to the other seat- an awkward interaction.

Jesús said: “It was obvious that despite how uncomfortable Catherine could be, she managed to slay. She nailed the way one should behave when you find yourself in a situation in which you need to share the stage with others.

“Meghan was nervous, looking in Catherine’s direction, and Meghan’s left hand – was at least, for a split second – covering her chest. Catherine was walking tall with her hands relaxed and her chin really up.”

He added that Kate held herself more confidently in the situation with Meghan and Harry. He said: “I have seen Catherine walking a thousand times and she usually doesn’t have her chin that high up – in some scenarios, it could be read as arrogance, but in this case, it was more like… she was showing who was in charge.

“Despite what was being requested of William and Catherine in this moment, they behaved in the most diplomatic and polite way, and that is the ability that some people have, that is part of emotional intelligence.”

The body language expert also looked at images and video of Prince William speaking to people in the crowd. His analysis revealed that Meghan had a more reserved reaction to the crowd compared to Kate.

He also looked at images of them all standing by the car and said: "This is another picture truly representative of the power of presence. You can see the tension in Meghan’s body with her arm contracted and if you have a keen eye, you can also see the tension in her neck.

“That is not to say that Catherine was not tense as well, but even in that tension, she knew that she had a role bigger than herself and her feelings.”

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