Prince Harry Has "Seen the Trailers" for 'The Crown' Season 4 But Likely Won't Watch the Show

According to chatty friends, Prince William has “no desire” to watch the breakdown of his parents’ marriage or his own baby years in The Crown—and Prince Harry basically feels the same way. A source tells Vanity Fair’s Katie Nicholl that “Harry has seen the trailers for series four but I can’t see him watching it,” while another insider adds that “The feeling is that the latest series would actually be quite sad for them [William and Harrry] to watch.”

Season 4 of The Crown largely focuses on Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ dysfunctional relationship, and doesn’t exactly portray the family in a positive light when it comes to the way they treated Diana. On top of that, the show chronicles Charles’ ongoing affair with Duchess Camilla.

And speaking of Charles and Camilla, a source tells Vanity Fair that they’re particularly worried that viewers will assume events depicted on the show are fact vs fiction. “Many royal historians and experts have dismissed it as fiction but Netflix is playing a dangerous game,” the source said. “They’re making money out of characterizing people who work hard for the nation. If people are using the series as a textbook for royal history that’s troublesome. Netflix has a duty to be upfront about its programming and the producers should be more honest about what is fact and what is fiction. It’s not the first drama about a difficult chapter but a bit more honesty on the program makers’ part about it being a drama wouldn’t go amiss.”

The Crown shows no signs of slowing down, and Netflix has confirmed that we’ll get both a fifth and sixth season. Good news for us, bad news for the royals.

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