Peter Andre ‘didn’t celebrate Christmas as a child’ due to parents’ beliefs – Peter Andre

With Christmas well and truly on the way, Peter Andre exclusively shares some of the festive traditions he shares with his kids.

However, he also revealed that Christmas wasn't something he celebrated growing up due to his religious background and relies on Emily to show him the ropes.

Also in his exclusive column, the singer chats about the new series of I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, Victoria Beckham's parenting advice and what sweet treat he is sad to wave goodbye to…

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Jingle bells

The build-up to Christmas is upon us. We’re putting our decorations up at the start of December and the kids join in, which makes everything so much more fun. We have lots of traditions – like Elf On The Shelf – but, I’ve got to admit, Emily introduced them.

I’m still kind of new at this because I grew up in a very religious household and we didn’t celebrate Christmas. So the festive spirit is down to Emily. Oh, and Santa, of course…

Emily is TV gold

Emily was on Loose Women last week discussing the importance of dental hygiene for kids. She looked amazing, as she always does but, that aside, I love that she is using her platform to campaign for things like this.

She did so well on the show. I think she’d be a fantastic TV host. I’d really like to see that.

Britney's sis

I’m A Celeb is finally back on screens. I must admit, I think it’s one of the best line-ups in a long time. It’s a great show that you can just enjoy and forget about what’s going on in the outside world.

There’s no one in particular I’m rooting for just yet, but I’m surprised Jamie Lynn Spears is taking part. I suppose it’s perfect timing given her sister Britney has just released her memoir, The Woman In Me. She’ll have a lot of stories, I’m sure…

Don't be a bully

Victoria Beckham posted on Instagram about how she was bullied a lot at school and that made her want to raise her daughter Harper to be strong and caring. I completely understand where she’s coming from.

I was horrifically bullied at school because of my curly hair, my nose and my nationality and I was often beaten up by bullies. I’ve now tried to instil into my kids the importance of being kind and polite. I tell them not to leave anyone out and even get them to say please and thank you to Alexa. Thank everyone – even a robot.

Discontinued sweet treats

It was an absolute shocker to hear Caramac bars have been discontinued. What a disaster!

I’ve heard other people have been going crazy about it too. I just keep thinking, “Imagine they got rid of Tim Tams for us Australians?” It may just be the end of the world.

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