Pete Townshend Says New Who Album Coming In November

Rock icons The Who have revealed they are planning to release their brand-new album later this year.

The as-yet-untitled collection is set to include two new songs that the band has been playing live on their “Moving On!” tour, which took them to New York’s Madison Square Garden last Sunday.

“Next year, hopefully, the songs that we release in November will be greatest hits. … Or maybe they won’t,” said guitarist, Pete Townsend, before diving into “Big Cigars,” one of the two new tracks.

Frontman Roger Daltrey also shared that the second of the new songs, “Hero Ground Zero,” was originally inspired by and now dedicated to the late Robert Blacker, who helped Des MacAnuff write the book for “The Who’s Tommy” stage musical.

The band is next set to play at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, Wisconsin on Sunday and will play another 16 dates before wrapping up the symphonic tour at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on October 24.

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